Guest Post from Andy McDonough

My name is Andy McDonough, I am a Front End Manager in store #50 and will have 28 Years of Service to the Company and our customers in March.
Like many of our associates I started as a sacker/bag boy in high school. I worked every chance I could and was promoted to full time very soon after graduation and coached along the way by many many talented people that took me under their wing to share their precious knowledge. You know who you are!
We have something quite unique here at Market Basket. A company that an average Joe like myself can start as a part time employee and work their way up to be in store management or even a Director of Store Operations. I know that my store director has done the same job he/she is asking me to do and my associate knows that I have done the same job I am asking them to do no matter how unpleasant.
For 27+ years I have seen our company grow and grow from a little regional chain that none of the giants noticed into a company still a fraction of the size of our competitors yet THEY can’t compete with us. THEY close stores. THEY change their business models to try and compete. THEY also don’t know how to treat their employees.
We are a giant killer and it is because of the leadership of TA Demoulas then Arthur T. Demoulas that we have made the National Chains try and figure us out. But we have a magic ingredient our competitors don’t. Longtime associates dedicated to their company because they believe in our leadership. Take away our leadership and we will be another company whose associates just don’t care. Make no mistake. And associates that don’t care…we may as well become WalBasket.
Under the leadership of Arthur T. Demoulas we can all rest assured that horror will never happen. He will continue to promote from within unlike the new Board that feels that outsiders know our business better than those of us that have been in the trenches year after year. No ivy league school will teach you the thousands of things that are happening at one second, every second, of every day in your store. You have to live it to know it.
Our leader Arthur T. Demoulas has also never misled his associates. He is a man that makes himself approachable to every single associate. How genuine a man is that? He goes out of his way when he visits stores to meet the people that make it all work and asks about their families.
These are just a few examples of how our company remains so successful (despite the mis-info on the board site that suggests we aren’t successful) under the leadership of Arthur T. and his management team.
And our customers LOVE us! As a Front End Manager I am lucky enough to be able to interact with more customers than probably any other manager. Day after day they tell me how much they love to shop with us. These people are passionate about us, we have almost a cult following!  This following was created by Arthur T’s understanding of service is also part of value.
Without him and his push for service we would not be the company we are today. Without Arthur T. Demoulas leading this company we will be like a ship lost at sea. And we will sink or run aground.
Fight and Unite behind our ONLY leader, Arthur T. Demoulas!
Thank you for your time reading this post and thank you Mr. D!

Andy McDonough
27 years of servie

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