Guest post, Ethan Peasley Grocery Department Warner

“Thank you for speaking out Ethan, there is no such thing in our company as ‘just a ____’. We all started at the bottom and worked our way up. That is one of the¬†wonderful ¬†things about our company, the people giving you direction have been there and have done that. It is a huge part of our culture and what makes every associate special.”

I’m just a Grocery Clerk, but I’ve been with the company for almost 9 years starting when I was 14. My brothers worked for the company and got me a job there, and at first that’s all it was to me. A job. It wasn’t till years later that I realized that Market Basket had changed me.

Market Basket taught me what it was to be responsible, how to respect others, and work hard. When people say we have a culture that is unmatched, they mean it. Our managers and supervisors are the greatest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, even if some of them and I don’t always get along. Numerous times, I’ve had customers tell me that they love our stores because they come in and see people who are smiling and jovial. People need that, and without Artie T., it’s not something I think will last.

This store has saved me on more than one occasion. When I was struggling with my own thoughts and emotions, I knew I could turn to the friends and family I had at my Warner Market Basket and things would be ok. I’ve watched this group since the beginning, and finally am now getting the courage to speak up. I want Market Basket to stay opened, and will do whatever I need to to help out. Artie doesn’t know me, but he’s helped me more than he knows.


Ethan Peasley
Store 55

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