Guest post, Eric Funes Front End Manager Ashland


  • Hi my name is Eric Funes and I’m a head cashier in the Ashland store #46. I have had the honor of working for this great amazing company for the last 16 years. I started as a 14 year old bagger at the Ashland store and have been working myself up the rankings in that same location. As a young man growing up and going through high school I never imagined that this would be my career because I was going to a technical school and thought I would be working in my trade once I graduated. After high school i had the opportunity to go to college on a scholarship but at the time my father got injured at work so i had to drop out of college and i had to step up and pay the bills at home and help with the mortgage so I chose to speak to the store manager at the time Mr. Jerry Rourke and he told me that there was a class 11 position and that he thought it would be a great opportunity for me to take it and learn and move up in this great company. He was right !!!! I have learned from great managers along the way that have had the philosophy and great work ethics and determination and leadership that was passed down to them from one man Mr Arthur T. Demoulas, so to those managers and supervisors i thank you for making me who i am today, Mr. Jerry Rourke, Mr. Jason Ramsey, Mr. Frank Parreira, Mr. Ron Lambert, Mr. Joe Angelari, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Gordon. I have been a grocery manager for 1 year and a half and a head cashier for 8 years now and i love what i do and working hard to move up just like the men I spoke about earlier.
    I have had the honor and pleasure of opening and working in brand new stores and traveling and doing all the training for our new associates and passing the market basket knowledge and philosophy to them so our stores keep running the right way like they have been.

    I have had the great pleasure of meeting Arthur T Demoulas and talking to him and he’s always remembered me and my family and has always asked if we were ok and if we needed anything and I will always remember the day he asked me if I was ready to run a store for him. That meant a lot to me because he sees something in me and that just makes me want to work even harder to make him proud
    and to make him feel comfortable to have another great store manager that can run one of his stores like these great store managers in this great company. What other CEO would take the time to pull you aside and talk to you personally about any issues going on in your life or ask how your mom or dad are or kids or wife are doing. The answer is Mr.Arthur T Demoulas. What company and employees gather together when a love one or family member passes or when there trying to oust our leader? Thats right us !! The Market Basket family. No other company is or will be like us !! UNITED WE STAND AS ONE !

    Again the question is to the board y change things if there not broken and just let them run how they were, because before all this we were opening stores everywhere and succeeding and making new towns happy for having our commitment and philosophies of being the best supermarket chain out there and valuing our customer patronage so they can spend there hard earn money with us and not anywhere else. Just a reminder to the board because again what do I know I have only been working for the company 16 years and learning from the best supervisors and managers in the chain and hope to keep learning more.

    I have been grateful for being part of this great company and family because thats what we are a big caring FAMILY that have each others back and we will do everything and anything to keep Mr. Authur T. Demoulas as CEO and President of this successful,growing family oriented company! I will always support Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas because he has always supported all of us.

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