Guest post, Eric Beaulieu Asst Store Director Epping

My name is Eric Beaulieu (assistant store director #63)and I have been an employee of Market Basket for 23 years. To most of my friends and family that might constitute as an impressive career, but with us it’s barley half way to retirement. I am very fortunate to have worked with many great managers in my career. I believe I would not be theman I am today if it wasn’t for these people. They helped guide me in life as well as my career as most good teachers do. I am a father of four great children, all of which play sports,ski,have iPads ,iPhones, iPods , Xbox and whatever else they need/want! All of which is possible with hard work and the guidance of managers who taught me everything I know about this business .
That aspect of the company is the very thing that attracted me towards a career with Market Basket. The fact that my management team all bagged groceries , pushed carriages, stocked shelves and even cleaned a few bathrooms made it easier to listen and learn from them. The “trickle down effect ” has worked since the days of T.A Demoulas and continue to work today under A.T Demoulas. We as a management team understand that ATD has a business plan that works well. It works in every new store we open. With many towns and cities desperately waiting for a Market Basket to open near them.We know it because We live it! We hear it everyday from our loyal customers that truly get MORE FOR THEIR
DOLLAR(4%More!) We see it with every bagger who later becomes a front end manager and eventually a store director. We feel it in the gratitude ATD us.


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Great post Eric ! I can’t put into words how grateful I am that our paths have crossed in this company. Your a great family orientated man, an excellent assistant, and an even better friend, so thank you for all that you do, keep the faith!

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