Guest post, Elizabeth Bates, Rowley

The following is a guest post from Elizabeth Bates, deli associate in Rowley. Elizabeth has been a very vocal supporter from day one. Every one of us has to have our individual voices heard, send in your posts to

I will continue to voice and act on my observations, Arthur T. Demoulas has shown himself to be a man of strong belief, in doing what is right, treating people with respect and compassion. You can hear it in his voice as he and you converse, you can see it in his actions and the example he sets, and though he will never say ‘hey i did this or that for so and so’ his gracious actions are there, shining through in each story relayed by customers and associates alike. It makes me very sad that he is being treated with such disrespect by the BOD of HIS family’s company and has to put himself out there, to this negative BOD each time, to save his families business core values, and for us all associates and customers. Even with all he has had to endure, we associates and customers are foremost in his resolve to keep fighting to be able to act in the manner that he knows is right. After all as he has stated ‘ we are in the people business first’ * Thank you sir. Please know that we are with you in this, because we appreciate, admire and respect you and your honorable business integrity.

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