Guest post, Eleanora Wynne Bakery Manager Rowley

My name is Eleanora Wynne, I’m the Bakery Manager in Rowley 49. I’ve been with the company for 10 years and have only been a manager for 1 year. I started my career as a cashier and quickly moved up to an assistant front end person in Newburyport. Moved to Haverhill in 2007 and transferred to store 9, where I was given the opportunity to go full time in the bakery in 2009, not knowing a thing about the department. My store manager at the time saw something in me I didn’t see, the ability to do anything I set out to. Thank you Mark Owens, because I now have a career which I strive to give my all to. I was promoted in Rowley in 2013 and from there I was placed in Haverhill 48 ( rivers edge) where I had the pleasure of working for another great leader Mr. Rourke as his Bakery manager. Now I have returned a year later to Rowley 49 as Mr. Sansoucie’s Bakery Manager, another great leader in this company. In the 10 years I’ve worked for Market Basket, I’ve worked for 5 different leaders and have worked with so many wonderful, knowledgeable associates, supervisors, managers and have made a lot of friends which have become like family over the years.
My 2 daughters also work for Market Basket and have since they turned 14 years old. My oldest is 21 and is in Haverhill 48 and my youngest who is going to be 18, is in Haverhill 9 (west gate plaza) both in the dairy dept. I’m proud to say and my husband services all our stores as an Electrician for L.C.E ( Lowell Central Electric) so we are a Market Basket family and wouldn’t have it any other way.
All of my accomplishments have not come over night and I hope the BOD doesn’t think theirs will either. It is a brand new year. Please take this time to get to know each and everyone of us including our most trusted leader, Mr. A.T. Demoulas and really see for yourself what we are all about and the wonderful things we have accomplished as a team under Artie T’s leadership. Sometimes change can be a good thing, but in the retail business, it could be devastating and in this case, I believe it would be. In order to get the kind of people we have today, working in our stores who cater to our customers like we do, you will need to start all over again with the proper training, which we have, the knowledge, which we have. And the respect which we have for our co-workers and customers as not only a team but a family. You won’t get this from just anyone, anywhere. This comes from working with these great leaders I spoke of, who learned from the best leader anyone could ask for, Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas. We work well as a team, a family, as we are right now! Something to think about as we go into the new year, together.
Thank you,
Eleanora Wynne
Bakery Manager #49


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Very well said Eleanora! Our culture is unique, tried and true. We have the best leaders, because they too came up through the ranks like most and were taught by leaders that did also. We have the best CEO, and we will continue to stand beside him.

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