Guest Post, Dora Brown, Store Support

“The following is a guest post from Dora Brown, IT Store Support and associate of 29 years.”

Thank you Mr. Gordon and Mr. Trainor, Marty, Terry, Dave for your story and what Mr. Arthur T.’s family and MB family has done for you and for us. We all have a story to tell and why people are not voicing it I don’t know.
As for myself, I started with the company in 1984 as a cashier, worked my way into the grocery dept and later POS Coordinator. In 1988, I was having a knee issue, the doctor told me to get an office job. I loved my job out in the stores working with my coworkers and the customers. Where was I going to find an office job with no college background. Our Market Basket help desk was looking for someone to answer phones. I went for the interview with Roland Kelley and got the job. Market Basket taught me everything I know about computers and troubleshooting problems.
Market Basket is my family. My husband will sometimes say to me “you always put Market Basket first and everything else second.” Sometimes I don’t realize I do it but I care and love my job and the people I work with.
Like I said we all have a story, So why haven’t we heard Arthur S. story of why?
I know a lot of us know it is not about the money. Why does he want to destroy our MB family? Me personally I think Arthur S. and his Board members and some of the shareholders should come out and meet their extended Market Basket Family instead of lining their pockets. If they came to meet us, they would realize we are great family to be around.

Dora Brown
Store Support
29 years and counting


  1. lisa deltrecco says:

    Great post Dora. I know you are passionate about your work and that you are real… not a “paid writer” like RonWeiner wants us to believe. Thank you for sharing your story. MB STRONG AND PROUD!!!!
    Lisa D. Store 42

  2. Cindy whelan says:

    Great letter, Dora! We are a great family to be around, if I do say so myself! Keep the faith! We will prevail!

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