Guest post, Deb Rogers Receiving Londonderry

I spent 24 yrs with a company. They offered us a coupon for a free jar of peanut butter for Christmas, they took away time an a half on Sundays, and replaced our profit sharing with a pension plan that even if you left the company, you can’t touch your money until your 55, even to roll it somewhere else. In 24 yrs I never got a hello from the owner. I now work at MB, and could not be happier. From Dean and the girls at the warehouse, the drivers ,and the whole crew at my store, it’s a TEAM effort in all we do. It makes a big difference when u work for someone that knows his people. Mr.Demoulas was a pleasant shock for me, he cares for his company and the people that work for him. He knows his business and it shows in the way M.B. has grown. I say good for him..we should have more employers like Mr.D. I can’t begin to say thank you to him. My name is Deb Rogers. I’m the receiver at #42, and happy to be part of the Market Basket family…



  1. lisa deltrecco says:

    Hey Deb, see what you have been missing all those years! Glad you now have the Market Basket experience. Welcome into the MB family. It’s true it is a TEAM effort and Artie T is the TEAM leader. He genuinely cares for all associates, vendors and customers and is happy to great any one of us. He would say we work “with” him.
    Market Basket Strong!!!!!
    Lisa D
    Store 42

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