Guest post, Dean Joyce Tewksbury Distribution Center Manager

“Dean runs the Tewksbury Distribution Center, all of the grocery items in the company pass through this DC and Dean, along with his managers and crew has it running like a top. So many cases are delivered to and shipped through this DC that if it were to shut down the stores would be without dry goods within 10 days. Dean thank you for speaking out, we have heard from the stores but this is the first from any of our distribution centers.”

My name is Dean Joyce and I am the Manager of the grocery warehouse in Tewksbury. I have been a proud member of this outstanding team since 1981. The management team here in the warehouse has 240 years of experience with Market Basket. I am not big into social media but have to say a few things about about the crew that gets over 55 million cases, no not a misprint, 55 million cases this past year to our 71 stores, another record year. Also to the best driving crew that logged in over 5 million miles to get the deliveries to our stores.

We are a proud bunch that sticks together, we do not like the direction that OUR company is heading. When we have meetings telling our crew that we have over 300,000 cases to select and deliver today and we need to step it up to finish, they rise to the occasion. When we have a record week and need to work on Saturday to finish, it’s no problem, they step up and get it done. When we tell the drivers that we have 300 loads to deliver they get it done, we all work together as a team. On an extremely busy day I will grab an order and select alongside my guys, in my tie and dress shoes. Why do I do it, because like I have been taught, we are on team, no part better than the other. When we all work together we can accomplish anything.

I remember the bizarre event in July when the Board was trying to fire our boss ATD. I was on vacation but came into work because my team was concerned about what was going on. Everyone and I mean everyone wanted to be at the Wyndham Hotel in Andover to show support. The entire second shift showed up until they had to leave to go to work and the crew from the first shift came over on their lunch break. I wish all of you could have been at the Tewksbury warehouse that night when ATD showed up at 11:30 pm to a heroes welcome.

ATD is respected by all of us because of the way he respects each and every one of us. That admiration and respect that he gets from us is very heartfelt. To the Board of directors, all of you have been in business your whole careers. How can you not see the direction that we are going? A Company cannot run when it is fueled by hatred which is obvious. Our team here in the warehouse has a tremendous amount of pride working for such a great man and a great company which you do not want to disrupt. What we all do here for this company is pretty remarkable and we do it because we are a team working together. Please understand that we really are ONE and will continue to stand strong together for OUR great president and OUR great company.


  1. CINdy Whelan says:

    Thank you Mr. Joyce! The culture we have is second to none. We are a team, a family. We understand that all parts of this team is just as important as another, and each part has people depending on them so that they can do their part, we are a finely tuned machine. We love our jobs, and we love our CEO and his family. We are one, and will stand firmly beside our CEO.

  2. Thanks Dean. Glad to be part of the team!

  3. MarK lemieux says:

    Thanks for everything you do for the stores and the Team Dean.

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