Guest post, Dan Riley Store Director Tewksbury

My name is Dan Riley and I am the Store Director of Tewksbury 8. I am proud to say that I have worked for Market Basket for over 25 years. Those of you who know me understand that I am a private person and that my world revolves around my family and my job.

Let me start by saying that I fully support Arthur T Demoulas. Up to this point I have just been in the background as far as social media is concerned. I keep up to date with this website, reading it daily. I went to the rallies in Andover, Waltham and Boston in support of Mr. D. I am not a fan of social media or the public eye but I understand the importance of publicly expressing my opinions to get the point across to those that don’t know me personally and to those who need an insider’s view of our company.

I have been fortunate and honored to have worked in Store #8 for the last 13 years. Store #8 is a store that was once considered to be the flagship store. Working in this store for so long has given me the pleasure of interacting with and observing Mr. D at work more often than the average individual. During our numerous encounters over the years, I have been able to witness first hand all of the positive, inspiring things about Mr. D that have been voiced by many on here. I have witnessed the generosity of Arthur T Demoulas and his family as well as the care and compassion that he shows to everyone he meets. He is a CEO that I have seen take time out of his busy day to have a conversation with a new bagger just as he would with a member of his management team. As Mr. Gordon said, “he is not your average CEO”. I truly believe that I would not have everything I have today if it weren’t for the leadership and generosity of this man.

Since being promoted to Store Director in May of last year, I have attended four Store Directors/Supervision meetings. I am amazed at the years of service and talent of the men and women at these meetings. The sheer dedication and experience in the room is inspiring to say the least. I have worked for the company for 25 years and yet I am still the rookie in the room. I sit with three veteran Directors, each of which has worked for this company since before I was born. The people that surround me at these meetings have worked their way up through the ranks to get where they are today. This has always been one of our company’s greatest attributes. If you put everything you have into your job, the sky is the limit. If any member of Senior Management were to be replaced with an outsider that has never “walked the walk”, it would ruin the whole philosophy that this company was built on. When working for Market Basket one could always rely on the fact that if you work hard, you will be rewarded… plain and simple.

I have always believed that no one individual can run a department, a store or a company. It takes the entire team to be successful. My hope is that the Board of Directors will see that this team already exists and that it works like a well oiled machine. Let us continue to do what we do best….


Dan Riley
Proud employee for 25 years and counting


  1. Ian harcourt says:

    This man is one of the best managers in the company! Mr. Riley has tough me right from wrong and help put a positive spin on any problem I’ve had through out the years. A true mentor to me and many others. Without him I wouldn’t have become the manager I’m today! Awesome post!

  2. elizabeth bates says:

    Terrific post sir! Thank you very much for putting yourself out there. It is kinda uncomfortable to a person who is private and it really shows your loyalty, your passion, and how strongly you feel for our company. Your expression of support for Arthur T. Demoulas as a person, someone who has earned respect and is the best CEO to lead us, going forward speaks volumes. Take notice all. It says plenty when a person who would not ordinarily be so public, does so, because he feels so strongly about what is right, what needs to be stated! We all united, supporting our company, supporting our BOSS Arthur T., keep strong everyone.

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