Guest post, Dan Gill Asst Store Director Wilmington

My name is Dan Gill. I am the Assistant Store Manager Store # 3 Wilmington Ma. I, like 95% of my fellow managers and associates did not start in this company as a manager or supervisor or CEO. I’m not sure I know anybody who has. I was hired as a sacker in the old Chelmsford Store where I started not just bagging groceries, but cleaning floors, washing windows, collecting carriages, running the floor machine, just like everyone else. This is the foundation work of this Great Company. The real starting point. When I went full time in the Grocery Dept.,It became more challenging. I loved it. We all worked as a team. I was pushed to go faster and harder every day. It was exciting. I loved to go to work , everybody there worked hard and we had fun doing it. I was Trained by the best. There were no classes to take to learn this job, just show up and give 100%. Get you’re hands dirty. No crying ,No complaining . My story is no different….. I know this because most of those associates I worked with still work for this Great company and they like myself worked there way up that FAMILY LADDER. Not hired to the Top Step. We set up our own stores. We train our own people, We maintain our buildings and parking lots. We rebuild when there is a flood or a fire.( In record time might I add). We take our own Inventories. We don’t pay somebody else to do this. We do it. Were not afraid to get our hand’s dirty. It builds character. And it saves money bottom line. I have worked for this team of hard working, dedicated, nose to the grind, never give up company, for this my 31st year. I stand tall behind Arthur T. Demoulas and every hard working employee that gets up every day to make this one of the most Rock solid companies in this country.
Dan Gill # 3


  1. Elizabeth Bates says:

    Wonderful post sir! Very enthusiastic and strong! Thank you for your post and your wonderful story. Very true and uplifting! Thank you

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