Guest post Dan Desfosses Store Director Tewksbury

“Thank you Dan for telling your story, while you may seem like your story is no different than anyone else each one is truly unique and just solidifies what a great man ATD is and what a great company we work for. Thank you for letting your voice be heard.”

My name is Dan Desfosses, store director Tewksbury Market Basket # 22.
I’ve been hesitant to post anything and its not from the lack of caring or concern I just felt that what can I say that hasn’t already been said. We all have similar stories and mine is no different. I started with Market Basket in 1980 and was hired by Dave Marsden for the grand opening of our Hudson # 33 to be a part time ends person.I, like so many others only thought of Market Basket as just a part time job to put a little money in my pocket. I worked through high school and when I graduated my parents informed me that they were moving the family to Florida. I was shocked and didn’t want to go so I decided to go full time, rent an apartment and live on my own. I told my parents that I wanted to give Market Basket two years and to see if I could make it into management.Two months into full time Mr. Marsden came into our store, introduced himself to me and brought me up to the snack bar and said he wanted to buy me a cup of coffee. He asked me where I lived and I told him, then he talked to me about my career and what kind of future I could have with this company.
To this day I can remember that conversation like it was yesterday. What other company would the vice president take the time out of their busy day to sit down with some 17yr old kid and talk to him like that? But that is what this company is all about, we take interest in our people and we develop them from within because that is how we were taught from TAD to ATD to Mr. Marsden and Mr. Rockwell, we develop the farm system. We have been taught about pride and commitment, about respect and most important to never lose sight of our valued customers.
We’ve all have had a hand in building this company into what it is today, we’ve opened many stores together and been through many remodels. We’ve built a competitive ┬ácamaraderie with one another that is second to none, always striving to be the best. None of this could have been accomplished without the leadership and guidance of AT DeMoulas. So I, like many others feel that this is OUR company and the BOD wants to change that. For the first time in my 33yrs I have to worry about my job and the company I love, for the future of my kids and my retirement.
I have to ask you, the BOD, if we are one of the most profitable grocery companies in the country with a solid foundation , little overhead and no debt why would you want to change it? If you would let ATD run this company, as only he can, the shareholders would have plenty of money and us, the stakeholders would continue to do what we do best, follow the guidance and direction of ATD and to take care of our customers like none other.
Market Basket isn’t a part of our lives, it is our life! We the employees, 25,000 strong and united for one common goal, to stand lockstep with ATD and our company!
Dan Desfosses Store Director # 22


  1. MarK lemieux says:

    Great post Dan!

  2. Andy Heggarty says:

    Nice job Dan!

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