Guest post, Connie Whittall Loyal Customer

Guest post

I think we need to reiterate that the Consumer Reports article needs to be kept first and foremost in everyone’s eyes. This is an amazing accomplishment for the Market Basket personnel and management.

A few key points: Market Basket with 71 stores is going up against Publix which has 1080 stores and a hell of a lot of buying power. In fact of the top six, Publix has the most stores.┬áBy the way, according to the report, Publix has only “okay” prices to MB’s “best” prices. Only Trader Joe’s (408 stores), Costco (648) stores and Market Basket had BEST PRICES. Wegman’s – the number one store only has 83 stores, but they are moving ahead with openings on our turf and we are stagnating.

Come On Board of Directors – please stop the nonsense and let the associates and management do their jobs! Here’s hoping for third place next year!


Connie Whittall – loyal customer…


  1. lisa deltrecco says:

    Thank you for your support. With Artie T. as our leader I confident we can reach that goal.
    Lisa D

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