Guest post, Chuck Tsouprakos Kitchen Manager Manchester

  • My name is Chuck Tsouprakos, Kitchen Manager Store 67.

    After reading all the letters that everyone has posted, I felt the need to write this letter and join my Market Basket Family fight to save our company and our CEO.
    This is my second time around with Market Basket. The first time I worked at store 1 in Lowell for TA Demoulas for 4 years while I was in high school. I came back in 2009 to work for AT Demoulas.
    I also worked my way up the ladder like everyone else when I was first hired as a bagger in 1975. I was taught that by hard work that I would move up in this GREAT company. I taught this to my children who now work Market Basket. They believed in that so much that they are now a Asst. Kitchen Manager and a Asst. Produce Manager.
    The pride that I have for working for this company could not be put down in words. The leadership that we have is second to none. All the BOD have to due is talk to our associates and customer to hear how we feel about our company instead of just going to the meetings and listen to one side of the story. Get out of your chairs and come and talk to us before you make any decisions you might regret.
    We must All stand together with ATD and our leaders to fight this CANCER that is trying to destroy our company and our Market Basket Family. The BOD needs to unshackle our leader and let him run the company the way he has been. If the BOD thinks that by sending us letters that sound like they are looking after our best interest, when we know it was because of the fight that ATD is putting up, they are WRONG. The only things that it proves is that they are trying to take credit for what ATD is doing.
    We will continue to provide excellent service to our customers in these difficult times because that is what ATD has taught us. We will stand behind our leader no matter what it takes to get the job done.
    I urge all Manager, associates, customers and venders to write to the BOD and tell them how you feel. WE ARE MARKET BASKET STRONG and WE WILL NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT for OUR COMPANY and OUR CEO ATD.

    Thank You
    Chuck Tsouprakos
    Proud Associate Store 67

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