Guest post, Chuck Casassa Store Director Seabrook

“Chuck Casassa is a veteran of 38 years with 26 of those Directing a store. Chuck is one of many disciples of the late Vinnie Clancy and most of his career has been on the seacoast. Last year Chuck led his store through an extensive remodel that transformed his store into one of our newer models complete with expanded perishables, a Kitchen, Cafe and seating area. Thank you Chuck for speaking out.”

I will keep my personal history brief. I started working for DSM in 1975 when I was 14 years old, I have 38 years’ experience, 26 of them as a store manager. An employment record that I am extremely proud of but in our company is somewhat typical and ordinary. I have often felt that appealing to our Board of Directors to get to know us will not ever yield results because they are unable to. Outsiders never really grasp what we do, how we work, what we feel, and right now we are being directed by outsiders. I do not know them, they do not know me. Someone that I do know is Arthur T. Demoulas and I would like to state why he has my full support as CEO.

We work with a CEO that has his finger firmly on the pulse of every facet of our company, it’s operations, it’s employees, it’s customers, it’s suppliers and it’s competitors. We all work very hard but no one has more tireless dedication to his position than ATD. He has a keen sense of where our company has been, where it is today, and where we need to go to succeed and compete in the future. He is a great corporate tactician, he has the ability to develop strategic initiatives to continually improve and strengthen our company. Our customer service program took an already strong retail company and transformed it into a truly great company and bonded our customers even closer to our employees than before. He is a great communicator, he has the ability to articulate these initiatives in a clear concise and simple way to his management team and then on to over 24,000 employees in a way they understand. He is a demanding CEO that fairly judges performance, doesn’t accept mediocrity, expects superior results and usually gets it. There is no question who our boss is in our company. He is a CEO that recognizes hard work and dedication with a compensation program that not only rewards employees but incentivizes them to work even harder than ever. He is a brilliant CEO. A search committee?

Couple this business acumen with the almost legendary sense of family that Mr D and his sisters have developed over decades of caring compassionate support for their employees not only in the corporate setting but in their personal lives makes it easy to understand why they support him so fiercely. Anyone that has been struck by tragedy in their family knows what I mean, the support that comes from within our company is almost overwhelming and it starts with our CEO and his family. There are so many companies where the employees despise their CEO’s because they don’t trust them. Not in our company, outsiders should understand that our employees are not brainwashed and they are not stupid, they follow ATD because they believe in his leadership and trust him personally.

I have dragged my feet on writing this post because it’s not really how I prefer to do things but after touring Seabrook #30 with ATD yesterday and as he was leaving, he looked me in the eye and said “call me if you need anything” I knew that it was time. He has my support because he is a brilliant CEO and a great leader of people. He not only deserves my support but has earned it.

Chuck Casassa

Store Manager Seabrook #30



  1. Cindy whelan says:

    I will admit that this is one of the posts I have been waiting for, and it was worth it. It speaks for the majority of us on why we vehemently stand in support of ATD. In having worked with you for many years, I know you are a private person, and I am grateful you publicly vocalized your support of our great CEO. Thank you!

  2. Great post Chuck.

  3. MarK lemieux says:

    Excellent post Chuck! Thanks.

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