Guest post, Chris Dick Store Director Salem NH

“Chris Dick, Store Director of Salem #31, has submitted the following guest post.  Chris is one of our veteran Store Directors also highly respected by associates, peers and upper management. Thank you for taking an individual stand here Chris, we are sure you will be followed by many of your peers.”

Why do people get up and go to work each day? For most it’s the pay check, or something to get them by week to week. It’s not really a heart felt love for their job. Its just the same old day to day grind. That is unless you work for Market Basket. What employee’s have the love, dedication and loyalty that Market Basket employees have. I’m talking not just management but full-timers and part-timers alike, answer none. Why do we have this love and dedication for our job, for many of us the only one we’ve ever had, because we are a family. A family that is cared for and appreciated, a family that works together in “LOCKSTEP” to achieve the same goal. (some of the board members may have missed that meeting)A family that knows it’s direction, has stability and is extremely successful. This is why we get up and go to work everyday.

However, now we are filled with uncertainty due to the actions of a chosen few. A chosen few that don’t appear to be in “LOCKSTEP” with us. We have been guided and directed for the last 8 years by Arthur T. Demoulas and how can you ask the president ( oh Yeah! MAN of the YEAR) to do a better job for his company , customers, and employees that has shown the results that our company has had in that time? Are the share holders not getting their portion of the proceeds as well from this success? What more can they expect? We bring in supposed independent individuals that are supposed to be making unbiased decisions, individuals that have no idea about our culture and don’t seem to want to learn what we are all about. How about spending some time in the stores, do some home work, get in “LOCKSTEP” with us.

This company is like a perpetual motion wheel, company takes care of employees, employees take care of customer, customer takes care of company. We want to keep the wheels rolling and the actions of a few are trying to knock the wheels off the bus. Let’s get the wheels rolling again. Let’s get rolling with expansion and growth. Stagnation isn’t good for anyone.  Arthur T. Demoulas is our driver and he can drive us today and into the future. Like I said earlier for many of us this has been our only job, what about the young clerks and staff of today, what is their future and the future of the company with the wrong bus driver.

Christopher Dick

Dedicated employee 37 years

Store Director

Salem NH #31



  1. Tom Trainor says:

    Thank you Chris for taking a stand. It is so important that all Store Directors let the BOD and our customers know that we are united with ATD and OUR Company

  2. Cindy whelan says:

    Great post Mr. Dick. It appears with every veteran store director that takes a stand, another few follow. Let’s keep this momentum going!

  3. Chris; Well said! Enjoyed our time together in # 9.

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