Guest post, Charlotte Jackman Grocery Hooksett

My name is Charlotte Jackman. When I moved to Massachuttes in Dec. of 1995 I was a single parent of a 4 year old special need’s child. I stayed with my parent’s until I got back on my feet. My mother told me to go to Market Basket and apply for a job because they were hiring and my parent’s loved the store. So I went and applied at Middleton Market Basket and spoke to then Store Manager Ron Lambert. He hired me full time for HBC because the girl doing it was leaving. I immediately started the job a couple of day’s later. I worked there for 8 years and met my husband who was a truck driver delivering the water to our store at that time. I moved to New Hampshire because he lived in Manchester at the time. I then went to store #13 for 2 yr’s and then we rented a house in Londenderry so i transfered to Londenderry and was there for 7 yr’s. I too had the oppurtunity to have the privilage to open the new Londonderry store. My husband and I bought a house in Pembroke N.H but i was still in Londonderry. I didn’t mind the drive because I liked were I was. When I learned they were going to open up a store in Hooksett N.H. I jumped for that chance cause it brought me closer to home. I then had another oppertunity to open another new store. I love where I’m at. I have to say in all four store’s that i have been at I have met wonderful people. From associates to managment. I have lway’s been treated with utmost respect. Mr. Rockwell, when he visit’s the store alway’s takes time to come to find me to say hello and ask how I am doing. Mr Foucher also did the same. I never met Mr. A.T. Demoulas until our last rally we had. I went to him and said out of 19 yr’s of being with Market Basket I felt that I needed to meet him. He said “That’s a long time”. Then he asked my name and what store I worked at. He said he needs to come up this way more often and thanked me. Thank Me? I should thank him for everything that he’s done for not only me but the company. In my almost 20 yr’s. being with the company, I am grateful for all of Management I worked with for all the thing’s that has and are going on in my life. They all have been very understanding and all are willing to work with me. My health is not one of the greatest right now. I suffer from heart diesese, M.S., diabetese and nurapathy. I have a lot of doctor appt’s and they all have worked with me so i can go. I still work full time and will alway’s give my 1,000 percent into a great company as this one. I love the customer’s that i have met in the past and the present. I have met a lot of great people. Thank -you Mr. A.T. Demoulas for making such a great enviroment for myself and others. And thank -you Market Basket, my family for being there for me. Would’nt want it any other way or have it any other way.


  1. lisa deltrecco says:

    Great post Charlotte, thank you for sharing. I know you to be a hard worker and that you have excellent customer service skills. Keep giving your 1000 %!!!

  2. angelo & charlotte nargi says:

    Mom and I are so proud of the Woman you have grown to be. With all the pitfalls
    before you, you struggled all these years to work hard, be a fine and loyal employee, and a good friend to all you’ve met all your life where-ever you lived.
    Amityville Long Island, Massapequa Long Island, Troy Michigan, Peabody Mass,
    Manchester, Londonderry, Pembroke, New Hampshire. We love you dearly and know how much you love all those you work with and especially Mr A.T. Demoulas.
    May the Road Rise Up To Meet You. Mom & Dad

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