Guest post, Brian Sansoucie Store Director Rowley

“Brian has been an associate for over 40 years and a veteran Store Director. Like other veteran Store Directors that have posted here Brian is highly respected by all. Thank you Brian for letting your voice be heard and for your leadership.”

My name is Brian Sansoucie and I am the Store Director at the Market Basket in Rowley, Massachusetts. I have recently begun my 41st year with Market Basket. I too began my career as a bagger as most of my fellow associates have, working diligently as we rose in rank. I chose to become a full time employee after attending college for a period of time. The best choice I could have made! In choosing Market Basket as my career choice I was fortunate to have met my wife, while she worked there during her years at college. I was able to purchase a home prior to getting married because of Market Basket. I was able to send my two children to private high schools and colleges because of Market Basket. By the way, my wife was given the Market Basket Scholarship while she was attending college 35 plus years ago, which is still part of the Market Basket tradition today! The things I have and have been able to do is because of Market Basket and the Demoulas family. The Demoulas family being Mr. T.A. and Mr. A.T. Demoulas! Their generosity in sharing with the people who work for them is one of the many reasons that has set them apart from most companies today. They have done this for countless families for many years and have done the same for the communities they serve. All the time with little fanfare or limelight, some things being accomplished with complete anonymity.
Mr. A.T. Demoulas has continued in his fathers’ footsteps in a way that has become a yardstick in how a CEO runs a business . He is passionate in the day to day operations and is steadfastly committed to his customers and employees. This company and its leadership is why it is one the most successful privately owned companies in the country. The upper management has developed this company into a business model that college professors have used to study in their business curriculum.
To the gentlemen of the Board, use your business experience and intelligence in knowing that this team and its leadership is what is necessary to continue Market Baskets’ success for many years to come. Our CEO is the only man for the job.

Brian Sansoucie
Store Director
Rowley # 49


  1. cindy whelan says:

    Thank you Mr. Sansoucie, for coming forward publicly with your support for our family, our company, and our beloved CEO. These are the stories that make us who we are, we can’t make this stuff up! More and more of the well respected veteran’s are coming forward and being vocal in their support of ATD, let’s keep this momentum going, Shall we?

  2. elizabeth bates says:

    Delighted to read your posting! Very clear, concise and with true heartfelt strength. As you’ve shown in your post, hard work and dedication are recognised, respected and rewarded. With compensation as due, but just as importantly the chance to grow, to shine, and rise through the ranks! You sir are a fine example of how the Demoulas business produces great leaders! Your managment style and how ship shape you maintain your store, your concern for your asssociates, and fairness have impressed me, and made me want to be even better. This is how the Demoulas family and upper managment interact with associates and you’ve taken on their leadership values. It works! Thanks for being one more true leader to publicly state your support for our CEO Arthur T. Demoulas and why he should remain in place, unfettered, to keep this wonderful company going foward and to continue to be thebest in our industry! You will inspire others to come foward! Thank you sir!!

  3. ROn lambert says:

    Brian , an excellent post . And right from th heart,and to the point. I will go to battle with you any day my friend .

  4. Donna Sevastis says:

    What a great story from the first boss I ever had!! I love the fact that your choice to transition from college to work became a huge success story ~ for you and your family! Seeing all the twenty-somethings going for broke (literally) for a college education and/or their parents bankrupting their own future financial security for it worries me so much. Times are different now; college graduates may not be able to even find employment in their field of study. Yet, so many could benefit by doing what you did. . .work hard for a great company and build from there!! Congratulations Brian!! :-)

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