Guest Post, Brian Casassa, Store Director Salem NH

“Thank you Brian for speaking out. Brian has been a Store Director of Hudson NH, Rowley MA, North Andover and a couple of years ago took over the helm of the brand new and top performing Salem NH #6. Brian is highly respected by his associates, peers and upper management.”


It is hard to believe that this September will start my 35th year with Market Basket.  I started working for Market Basket my junior year of high school and it did not take very long before I was hooked and knew that this would be the career for me.

While my formal education stopped with a high school diploma, I could never have dreamed about the education that I have received over the last 35 years while working for Market Basket.  Neither Harvard, nor Yale could have prepared me for all the aspects of life the way that Market Basket has.  From T.A. Demoulas, Arthur T. Demoulas, William Marsden, Julian Lacourse, Joe Rockwell, vice presidents, department directors and all the supervisors have each helped to give me a better education in the retail business and in life more than any university professor could have.  I have not only learned about sales and managing a grocery store; this company has taught me about work ethic, personal finances, people skills, and the value of loyalty and respect.  When it comes to honesty, loyalty and respect, Arthur T. Demoulas has given us the greatest example by being upfront and transparent with all Market Basket employees. Arthur T. Demoulas has answered all of our questions with total honesty, especially concerning the new situation for Market Basket created by the Board of Directors.  As loyal employees of Arthur T. Demoulas the best thing we can do to make sure that he remains our CEO is to stay vigilant.  You do not have to have a master’s degree in business to realize that nothing would make the Board of Directors happier than to drive a wedge between the more than twenty thousand employees and Arthur T. Demoulas.  We as a group have to make sure that we are smarter than this.  We follow Arthur T. Demoulas intelligently and respectfully wherever the road may lead us.

We need to stay the course.

Brian Casassa
Store Director
Salem #6
34 years


  1. Karen QUigley says:

    Great post Mr. Casassa

  2. CINdy Whelan says:

    This is another post I have been waiting for, I have been very fortunate to learn from the best who have been taught by the greatest. Brian, you are one of the toughest managers I have worked for, but the lessons I learned will stay with me has I strive to become a mentor like yourself. Wherever this road leads, I will be on it until the end.

    • Andy McDonough says:

      Right on! “The Boss” taught us all to teach. Brian Casassa taught me too. Attention to detail, go by the book and follow through. Thank you Brian. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you shareing your knowledge and interest in making me a better associate.
      Let’s all remember our companies success is dependant on growing talent from within!

  3. Donna sevastis says:

    Perfectly Stated!! :-)

  4. Kelley sipsey says:


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