Guest post, Bob Medeiros Produce Supervisor

My name is Bob Medeiros and I’ve worked for Market Basket for over 29 years.
Here is my story -
I was born in Portugal and came to the US with my family when I was 8 years old. I had a very hard time growing up in this country as I didn’t know how to speak English and my parents were having a hard time finding jobs. Much like many new immigrants, you can say we suffered in the beginning. Struggling my way through school, learning the language, helping my parents out as much as I could wasn’t a fun thing for a kid to go through, but we managed with the support of family.
When I turned 16 years old I heard about Market Basket opening down the street from my house. I filled out an application and went to see Mr. Joe Garon, the store manager, for a job interview. I was very nervous but he told me “Bob, I have 2 openings, one in the produce department or one bagging.” Bagging didn’t interest me at all and so I picked produce. My first week in the produce department, I met two sisters. The older one said that she could see me marrying her younger sister and when the time came she wanted to be the maid of honor. I did marry that younger sister 20 years ago, and her sister was in fact the maid of honor. You can say it worked out well for me – thanks to you, Mr. Garon!
I worked hard in the produce department and moved my way up. I was given an amazing opportunity as a very young produce manager at the old Chelsea Market Basket. I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with Mr. T.A. Demoulas at that time and, you can say, I got my Market Basket degree from the man himself. He was the Warren Buffet of grocery stores and I learned so much from him. He possessed the qualities we all strive for: integrity, respect, loyalty, his knowledge of merchandising and love for his family, just to name a few. Anyone who knew him, wanted to be just like him and emulate him in every way. He would ask me about my parents knowing that I came from the old country he would say, “Bob, one day you and I are going to go to the old country together!” and I would say “as long as you are paying for the trip, I’m in!” Well, Mr D. we never got to make that trip but I’ll never forget our journey together just the same. You taught me so much during that journey, and you, my father along with Market Basket helped to shape me to what I am today. Mr. T.A. is no longer with us but he left the same impact on others as well.
Every now and then when I hear Mr Artie T Demoulas speak, I swear in can hear Mr. T.A. Demoulas’ voice. I have never met a more amazing man who was loved, respected and appreciated by all Market Basket associates. Family is so important and this company is all about family. As a father of two teenagers, I am proud that my family (wife & kids) have all worked for the family business. My sister Laura also worked for Market Basket and married someone from the company as well. She tragically passed away at the age of 27 from a terminal disease and my family and I were devastated. I can’t tell you how the hundreds or perhaps thousands of Market Basket family members that waited for hours at the wake to support and comfort me and my family during one of the worst times of our lives. Where else would you get this kind of heart-warming support? Not in Wall Street, that’s for sure!
Market Basket stands out in the grocery store industry and anyone of its workers or customers can tell you that it is because of the leadership found in T.A. and now Artie T. Demoulas. Market Basket is embarking in a new journey and last month, the Lowell Sun named Arthur T. Demoulas as Man of Year. We could not agree more! Market Basket is made of 25,000 strong and we support Mr. Artie T. Demoulas as the leader for this era. We just ask that the members of the Board to please release his handcuffs and let the man do his job!
Thank you again Mr. Artie T. Demoulas for all you do! We support you every step of the way! With the greatest fondness and the deepest gratitude,
Bob Medeiros
Produce supervisor
29 years



  1. elizabeth bates says:

    What a wonderful American success story! Hard work and working for a great company with leadership that embodies true values, integrity, strong ethical morals and hands on working knowledge is the best. Your story of how TAD and how it was and how this continues through his on ATD has put a smile on my face and a shine on my day! Thank you!

  2. lisa deltrecco says:

    Mr. Medeiros, I heard today your post was published and couldn’t wait to get home to read it. Such a heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing with us. Proves once again that hard work and dedication is rewarded here at MB. We all have (or had) the opportunity to advance without the threat of outsiders being hired instead. These opportunities must continue!!
    Your story also speaks of the sincerity and compassion of TAD and ATD and the family environment they created. Keep the faith.
    Lisa DelTrecco
    Store 42

  3. Well said, Bob.

  4. andy heggarty says:

    Bob, awesome story! When you were in our store the other day, you were more than a supervisor, you were a teacher to the newer full timer, just like ATD has been to us, and for that I thank you!!

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