Guest Post, Bill Clark Store Director New Bedford

Loyalty & hard work. These are the characteristics that move this company forward. They move people in this company up to better positions and more responsibility. And these are the characteristics displayed by our leadership & Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas himself. These great examples & great qualities should be rewarded & held to tightly. I have trusted Arthur T. Demoulas with my career & my family’s livelihood. He earned that trust from us & continues to demonstrate his personal interest in each of us, our careers, & our families.

I am honored to support him in the continuing fight to better our company, our staff, our service, & our future.

I believe in what Market Basket represents to its employees & its customers, especially as I see the growing impact it’s had on the communities we’ve expanded to in the South Coast & on the Cape. And I believe in the leadership of Arthur T. Demoulas that brought us here. Loyalty & hard work…Arthur T.’s got us here & he has mine.

With the greatest respect,
Bill Clark, Store Director Store #65
21 years of loyalty & hard work


  1. CINdy Whelan says:

    Bill, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, your sense of humor was second to none! Your family values have shown through, being immediate and extended. You have always caught my elbow and said if there is anything more I need to do, let me know. That speaks volumes, and you have been there through thick and thin. Thank you for speaking out!

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