Guest post, Al Jussaume Store Director Billerica

“This is a guest post from Al Jussaume, Store Director.  Al has been an associate for 45 years, 35 of which he has been a Store Director. Al is a highly respected veteran Store Director”

I generally do not post to FB but I felt compelled to respond to the current situation of my company.
I have worked for this company for 45 years, 35 years of which I have been a store director. The philosophies of TAD were handed down to me by my management team as I first began employment with DeMoulas. Later, as a store director I ingrained those same ethics and philosophies to the team of people entrusted to my leadership. The concept of “work family” is a core philosophy to our business structure. It upholds team ethics, and values each member of our team.
I know  and understand the importance of family. I raised four children, all attended private schools, all college educated, built my own home, cared for my family and cared for others that were a little less fortunate. Much of this happened because of the opportunities, the ethics and hard working philosophy instilled by the leadership and sound business practices of  DeMoulas Supermarkets Inc.
Now we have a BOD trying to change these philosophies  carelessly looking to create a capital structure of debt, borrowing money like the Wall Street crowd. (We all know what a tremendous failure that was and the significant cost it was to the working people!) But, unlike Wall Street,  this company will not be bailed out by government bailout programs. If the antics of the BOD continues, our company is headed for failure! The BOD seems to be hell bent on destroying this highly successful company. DeMoulas supermarkets Inc. supports 25 thousand employees and their families. It provides work opportunities for thousands of salesmen, vendors, and  tradesmen. It  provides millions of customers across the Northeast with clean, well run stores, and quality products at fair prices.
We have only one leader and that is ATD! He is honest, hardworking, generous, highly motivated, very intelligent, compassionate, and respectful. Despite several downturns of  the economy, ATD has lead this company with a vision that not only maintained the business but allowed  for strong growth and prosperity!
All of us have benefitted through his generosity: The non-profits, hospitals, scholarships, communities, and  his family of employees. I ask you, which CEO knows most of his employees by name? Is there anyone on the BOD that can say the same? Many employees have a valid concern that  several of the BOD may not even know where some of our stores are located and  may not have even stepped foot in one or more of our family of stores! The BOD does not demonstrate firsthand knowledge or experience of  the  company’s work ethics or philosophy of doing business!
Family is so important to me. I have two brothers that I love and are also my very good friends. ATD is not only a good friend, but I would be proud to call him my brother! You must not be allowed the senseless mistake of  removing ATD from his current CEO position. He is a  wise, well admired & respected leader who demonstrates competent business skills and strategies which keep our company strong and successful!
Respectfully submitted,
Allan G. Jussaume, Store Director #17


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    I hope your wonderfully written post helps to motivate more to follow suit. As I read this, I could feel your genuine compassion and dedication to this family. Thank you, Mr. Jussaume.

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