Guest post, Adam Pappastergion Front End Manager Lowell

I gave refrained from sending this in, as I felt that my story wasn’t that unique. I don’t have any remarkable stories that no one else has heard before, but I do have passion and pride for this Company that has made me the person I am today. I can no longer stay silent in this battle for Our Company.

I have worked for this company for over 10 years. I started as a sacker while a freshman in high school, at the age of 14. Ten years later, I am now a Front-End Manager. Had it not been for the leadership of Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas, and the knowledge and sincerity he has passed down through the ranks, I would most likely not be here.

I attended college, getting my Associates Degree in Computer Science. With about a year left of school, I realized that the computer science field was not what I wanted to do — I wanted to be a manager for Market Basket, the Company that had supported me and worked with my schedule during my school years.

I first personally met Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas while working at the Bourne, MA store’s grand opening. He spoke with such compassion, such sincerity. He genuinely cared about what I had to say. He made me feel like I mattered, like I was an important piece of this company’s success. And this is how he treats everyone, from the part-time sackers to the Store Managers to the Department Supervisors, and especially our customers. Since we first met, I have encountered Mr. Demoulas several times, and on each occasion he has made me feel the same way I did the first time we met. How many other CEOs have you seen walking into the businesses they operate, interacting with nearly everyone they cross paths with? I have never seen any, and I highly doubt anyone else has.

This man has been the humble leader of our company, while taking care of our customers by keeping prices low, variety large, and service incredible. This company is now prospering and expanding at a fantastic rate, and it is all thanks to Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas.

Anyone who has not voiced their opinion, I urge you to make your voice heard. This is everyone’s fight. We must stand up for what we believe in and fight for what’s right. The time is now!


  1. andy heggarty says:

    Great post Adam. Your passion and pride is showed every day you punch in. I am glad you are part of OUR TEAM, because you’re good at what you do, just like ATD!!!

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