Great Story from Crystal Hall Pringle

I would like to tell you a story. I am asking that you bare with the length and read on to the end. It has a strong point I am hoping will help. It may not seem it at first so please read on.
Several decades ago, in a small New England town a girl was taking her weekly trip to the town dump with her father. She always enjoyed these trips because she didn’t get to see her father often. He worked a lot and really far away from home (or at least so it seemed at the time). She looked forward every week to seeing the world flash by from the tall windows of his truck. Sometimes she even rode in the back as was the case on this trip. She smiled the whole way, with the wind in her hair, though she always made it home from these adventures with a sore butt. Riding in the back of the truck was rather bumpy and uncomfortable, she knew however, if she rode there though she could get out even faster and that was her goal today. This girl had a profound love of animals and the dump had a female dog which had recently given birth to puppies. That day though she left from her trip very sad. She had found out all but one of the puppies had gone to new homes. The dump owner was only going to keep one. She had loved each puppy and grown very attached to them. They were all very sweet dogs even if they did nibble every so often. She knew which one was which by their personalities. The girl managed to get over her sadness as time passed and each week spent time seeing the two dogs at the dump. They were the nicest dogs ever and her mother had told her how the other puppies had gone to good homes and were making other children very happy.
A few months later she saw one of the puppies with its new owner. The new owner was VERY mean and abusive. The girl was so upset she screamed in the car and almost caused her mother to crash. Her mother had to hold her in the car and drive away to prevent the girl from jumping out of the car. What she saw that day would remain forever burned in her memory. Her heart was broken and the girl cried and cried for weeks. See this child was very sensitive to the emotions and well being of all other living things, she always had been.
She would see the puppy once in awhile with a sad looking woman. The woman seemed to look happier when she spoke to the dog though. The girl hoped they were having happy times like she did with her uncle’s dog. The girl had an uncle who was mean to his dog. She made certain to keep the dog with her as much as possible so that he could have more happy time. The girl and this dog were very good friends. The dog was older now but would still run and play with the girl and lay next to her napping after a long walk in the woods. The girl often wished she could see the puppy again so that it would have happy times as well.
A long time later the girl was on her bike. She was riding near where she had seen the puppy being so badly mistreated. She was startled off her bike by a dog in the road. The dog had its teeth bared and hackles up. As she hit the ground the dog charged over. Just then a person in a car came and opened the car door. The girl made it in just in time. The dog began biting at the car. The owner came out and took the dog away screaming at it. The dog was the same sweet puppy she had once loved so dearly. The sibling of the nice dog she saw each week at the dump. She asked her mother why it wanted to hurt her. What had she done wrong? She was certain the dog was mad at her for not helping it when it was being abused. She thought how betrayed the dog must have felt when she and her mother just drove away. Her mom explained to her how dogs brains don’t work in that manner. The girl pleaded for her mother to explain why the dog hated her so much. Her mom told her that “even the sweetest puppies turn into aggressive dogs when they are abused”. The girl looked confused, her uncle wasn’t very nice to his dog either and it was always very sweet. When she offered up that comparison, her mother replied, “I guess some dogs have a stronger spirit than others”.
The girl grew up through the years and faced many difficult times. She had met real life monsters. She had a difficult life. She never grew a tough skin. She has remained a very sympathetic person who is easily hurt by the evil in this world. She has learned some evil is so great that it cannot be fought. She has learned that many of the monsters think they are stronger than they are and she learned to see these creatures for what they are and the danger they actually pose. She sees the puppy that was once present before it was beaten into an aggressive dog.
One day this girl discovered that a monster was in town. This monster was hurting a lot of people. The people have stood their ground against the monster and the monster retreated. The monster has tried to inflict its pain onto the people from very far away. The girl sees the people whom the monster had beaten so many times becoming aggressive dogs and the girl is scared for them. This story’s end has yet to be told, but the lesson’s of the past can still teach a thing or two.
The people can give into the beating monster and allow the monster to take away from them who they are, or the people can show the monster that their spirit is stronger than him. Arthur S can take your jobs, we ALWAYS knew that. Arthur S can take our beloved Market Basket, we ALWAYS knew that. That is all he has the power to take. He can’t take away what made you good at your jobs, or the things that make Market Basket so amazing, its people. Anything else he gets is what we give him. I beg you not to allow him to defeat the kindness in your hearts. We began this knowing we would not be defeated. We knew this would be hard. Don’t allow how long this has gone on for, to distort why we began this journey. Who we were six weeks ago should be who we are today. Every day I go out before my store I am afraid. I am afraid someone will say something mean and it will hurt me. I am that sensitive STILL. People say mean things, my feelings have been hurt, I have been scared by angry mean men in my face. I have found that if I smile a sincere smile, (one I get by finding the good around me and putting my focus with good), i.e.; a dog in a car driving by with its ear flapping, the sweet older couple still in as much love today as they were fifty years ago, the fact that while flipping me off the guy spilled his coffee on his lap. I smile and I smile genuine and you know what happens? People smile back. People whom tried not to look at me but, then they catch a just glimpse and make a nana second of eye contact. These people see me smile and 99% of the time these people have no choice but to smile back.
This is the face of Market Basket. It takes effort but it gets results. I get happier as well. This is what Artie T is. This is Market Basket. I have come across some real monsters in my life and Arthur S isn’t that much of one. He barks big from across the globe but he has nothing new to hurt us with. He can’t take the training and work ethics Artie T gave you. He can’t take away our friends and family. He can’t end anyone’s life. I don’t know about you but if I am not willing to give him my money which means so little to me, I sure as heck will not give him my soul. He’s not worth that.

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