Giving Thanks

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“Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.”–Albert Schweitzer

After a day of sorting through all of the misleading and error filled information on the Board’s site, we feel it would be fitting to go into the holiday with a positive note.

We have so many reasons to be thankful for being associated with the company Market Basket and the man Arthur T. Demoulas. In a corporate world filled with cold blooded executives, we work with a man who knows us, cares for us and has shown time and time again that he will fight for every single one of us. He treats us like we are part of his family and in a very real sense, we are. This company is more than a business to him, it is part of his soul. We who shop there, work there or sell there share a special bond, a passion for this company unlike any other company we know of.

Our work force of dedicated associates is also unlike any other work force out there. We are ardent in our love for this company and the Demoulas family. They have shared so much with us over the years, more than just money, they have shared themselves with us and gotten to know about us and our families. There are very few associates of our company that won’t do anything that is asked of them for the benefit of the company.

We are a company built on respect, we respect those above us on the corporate ladder because they have walked the walk. We have a peculiar attitude about us that if you haven’t done our job then we have a hard time taking direction from you. It isn’t subordination because we are, almost to a fault, respectful of those above us. It is this culture that this great company has created where you are rewarded with promotion when you work hard. You never have to worry about someone coming in from the outside and taking a position that you are in the running for. You may not get that promotion this time around but you will only be beat by a peer with more experience.

ATD has helped all of us throughout our careers, and at this point with this hostile takeover of our company hanging over us ATD needs us, it is our turn to repay him for all that he has done for us. We need to stand united with him and if they fire him we need to do whatever is necessary to right that wrong. United with ATD we stand and we will win. This may sound corny but this is a battle that can and will be won by us, the Market Basket family. If it hadn’t been for the people, ATD and upper management would have been gone in July and our bonuses and profit sharing would be a memory. We can do this for ATD, we can do this for our Company and we can do this for each other.

As you enjoy tomorrow with your loved ones, remember to raise a glass to each other and to Arthur T. Give thanks for the family that is Market Basket.

Here’s to us.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Arthur T. Is without doubt a great boss to you all but is also a humble and great man. Not only does he care for you all as associated he also cares for you as peers and family. On more then one occasion has my wife said that he has asked her how her and the family were doing, almost any other boss would probly just give a glance or a small wave as they pass by one of their employees but not ATD he makes sure to stop and chat even if only for a minute. I truly hope he and his family have a great Thanksgiving and same to the rest of you.

  2. Amen! Happy Thanksgiving to All the Market Basket family!

  3. Cindy whelan says:

    We can do this! It’s our battle to win! Happy Thanksgiving to all my Market Basket family!

  4. God Bless ATD and his family. I wish all Market Basket employees a Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. I am thankful for all I have including my new extended family! Happy Thanksgiving to you, my many new friends/family….my Market Basket family! God Bless you all and the good work you do!

  6. chris tarr says:

    I hope that ATD and his family has a wonderfull Thanksgiving!! Here to the greatest boss anyone could ask for!!!! OUR CEO ATD!!!!

  7. Eleanora wynne says:

    Absolutely will raise a glass to mr. Arthur. T Demoulas tomorrow and will keep him in prayer as well. He deserves all the support in the world, as well as respect, honor, and the knowing that all of us are behind him 110% . To Arthur. T Demoulas, cheers!

  8. Dora brown says:

    I am very Thankful to work with the best CEO and management team and associates.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving to all you and your family. Love all of you.
    We will prevail!!!!!!

  9. Edward fyfe says:

    This company has treated me very well, I don’t think I would be where I am today without MB. Thank you ATD and upper management + everyone I ever worked for and with. This is a great company and hope it stays that way. worked for MB 26 years, Plaistow, North Andover and now Londonderry.

    Staying MB strong.

    Happy holidays to all.

  10. Mark lemieux says:

    In four weeks I will begin my 37th year with DSM. I will also start my 19th year as Store Manager. I was fortunate to work for a short while in Dummer St.,Store 1 where it all began. Three registers and storage in the basement.Amazing. I have seen where we started and where we were going, until this July. Everything changed suddenly and not in a good way. I also know that Bill Marsden tells the truth. Always. He is a man of few words but his words speak volumes. Bill’s powerful letter to us yesterday is what you should be paying attention to. His letter is a call to action. Who do they think they are? If this site is how our Management wants us to wage this battle it is time for even more of us to respond, before it is too late.

  11. elizabeth bates says:

    Happy thanksgiving to all our friends and family, and a note to rest up from the busy holiday because we have much to do in the coming weeks in support of our CEO Arthur T. Demoulas and his managment team. We are so thankful that you have stood strong and firm in working to keep our company strong and true, in the manner established by our company’s founders. You are admired by one and all who know how driven you’ve all been to keep our company culture flourishing, both in ‘more for your dollar’ philosophy as well the care and respect shown for the associate(s), vendors and valued customers who choose to be a part of the Market Basket team. Know this ‘ Coach ATD’ , your team respects you highly and we are with you in this. Always!

  12. lisa deltrecco says:

    “The Market Basket Family” is a very appropriate phrase. There are several associates that have many family members, me included, that either work for or have worked for Market Basket. We are a strong family, we will stick together, and we will support our CEO Aurthur T. DeMoulas! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  13. Cindy reardon says:

    I am thankful & proud to be able to say that for the last 27 years I have been working for the BEST company out there! I am thankful for Mr. Arthur T DeMoulas, Mr. Rockwell & Mr. Marsden & what they continue to do for us. Actually, I am thankful to all that continue to fight for us. Thank you site administrator for keeping us informed & up to date on what is happening with our company! I want to wish my entire MB family a very Happy Thanksgiving

  14. I came across this quote, and wanted to share with our Market Basket Family. “Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value.”
    (Albert Einstein)
    As we celebrate and give thanks on this special holiday, I give thanks to this man of value Artie T, that I have been fortunate to work for over my 35 years career.
    The culture of this company is built on strong values which ATD has instilled in all of us. With his strong team of leaders, Mr. Marsden, Mr. Rockwell, Mr. Miamis and all other top management, together, they have made us one of the strongest food retailers in the New England region.
    So as you give thanks with your family and friends, remember ATD and our special leaders.
    Market Basket Strong !!

  15. Jon and nicole dixon says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the MB Family. We are Very Thankful to work for the Greatest Company in the World. Our entire income is earned at Market Basket. ATD has afforded us luxuries that we only could’ve dreamed of when growing up as kids. ATD treats us as employees like we are the Best in the Business. Nobody in the country has better benefits and that is a fact. I was talking to a part time employee who has a full time job and has to pay 525 dollars every other week for sub standard medical insurance. We are all well aware of how many 401k plans have tanked. Yet ATD cares not only for his employees health now with excellent medical insurance but our security after we retire as well. This is something that I don’t even feel our own government does a good job of. There are constant questions regarding social security and whether it will be there when we retire. My wife and I are confident that with ATD leading our company that we can retire as life long MB employees with our retirement years secure.
    While growing up my parents instilled many strong values in brother, sister and myself. One of the things they harped on was working hard and putting 100 percent in to everything we do. These values I feel have made me a perfect MB employee like so many others I work with. At age 41 I m still not to old to learn life lessons from others. One of these lessons was taught to me by ATD and it is one I will pass on to my children. Last January 17th I had knee surgery to repair a badly damaged patellar tendon and remove some painful bone spurs. I was out of work for seven weeks. Trust me when I tell U, I couldn’t wait to go back to work!! Shortly after I got back I was transferred to store 43 and was given the honor of closing the old store and opening the new one. This gave me a chance to thank all of the deli supervisors for the patience and understanding they had while I was recovering. The final thank you I wanted to give was to ATD. During the Grand Opening I got my chance. He took me aside and we had a private conversation. I became overwhelmed by the moment and got teary eyed in my gratitude for what a great company he runs. He told me we were in the people business first. I never looked at it that way until that moment. We always go one hundred miles an hour trying to service the customers and get our daily task done. As he always does he spoke calmly and candidly. He took the time to listen to a funny story I shared with him about my 12 year old son telling my mother how if he couldn’t play in the NBA he wanted to work in the family business. My mother said to him, what family business? He said without hesitation, Market Basket Nana. My whole family works there. ATD laughed and we parted ways with a handshake as always. I walked away thinking to myself, I teared up and told him a silly story about my son, he probably thinks I m losing it. Less than a week later a meeting was called and ATD addressed the turmoil he and our company was facing and at this meeting he told the story about my son and the family business. This moment told me everything I needed to know about ATDs character and integrity. Here is a man with a heavy mind, with the weight of this growing turmoil in front of him and while we had our private conversation I had no clue what he was going through. I had his undivided attention. That is the Mark of a true leader. So calm, so focused on each moment and each individual personal interaction and able to put aside inner turmoil and focus on that moment. ATD I hope that I can be a quarter of the leader you are. Any person that doesn’t recognize the fact that you are the only clear leader of our company is blinded by some opposing force. Thank you for that life lesson. My son will be 14 in May and has already said that as long as ATD is still the President and CEO he will be joining the, “Family Business!” Happy Thanksgiving!! Jon and Nicole Dixon

  16. Dean Clevesy says:

    Through the years that we have been part of this company under the leadership of T. A. & now Artie T. , we have experienced the same growth & success that the Company has. It is because of their insight, generosity & integrity that Artie T. has the support & love of so many of his employees.
    It is our sincere hope that the BOD acknowledge the dedication & loyalty that the employees, venders, & patrons have towards Artie T. & let him move this Company forward in the manner in which he has done in the past. So many of us have dedicated our lives to Market Basket not only because of the recognition & benefits we receive, but also because of the guidance & support given to each employee to make themselves the best they can be. This business is run by the example that is given througout the line of command, from the Boss down to the baggers.
    We realize that in todays corporate world this is not the way business is conducted (A CEO who genuinely cares about his employees??) however, can’t they see that the chain is so successful because the man running the business is such a hands on kind of man. He has morals & ethics, he “cares” & he “shares”, his success is our success…….& he acknowledges that our loyalty & dedication are a “Huge” part of the success of this company.
    Nothing has had a more profound impact on our lives then being part of the Market Basket family. It has been & still is exciting to be part of such an AMERICAN SUCCESS STORY. “We are Market Basket” there are no other words needed to express our feelings, these words say it all……….
    We implore the Board to think long & hard before making change to the way things are done with this company. There is no doubt in our minds that no one will benefit, not the patrons, not the employees, & certainly not the sitting board members, unless tearing down the fundation this company was built on is what they call a success.
    This Thanksgiving, as in Thanksgivings past, we give thanks to you “Boss” with genuine gratitude for all you have done for “Our” Market Basket Family.

    Dean & Beth Clevesy

  17. caleb owens says:

    As I sit here this morning with my wife and children watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and making my list of things that I am thankful for this year I realized that as a third generation Market Basket employee one of the top things on my list has always been Market Basket. I realize that I may have even been guilty of taking a little bit for granted that it has always been there and that it always will be there. I have never in my life had to worry about that next meal or that next paycheck and that is both because of the hard work of my father and I but also because of the generosity of Arthur T. Demoulas and his father before him. I have never in my life worried about being laid off or being “downsized” or worried about some person being hired to be my boss that has never done my job. Christmas has always been a wonderful exciting time for my family because we have been blessed to not have to worry about where the money for presents was going to come from or how the oil tank was going to be filled. The Christmas bonus program has always been there and I always knew that if we just worked hard and continued to take care of the customers that the bonus would always be there. So this year I would like to publicly thank Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas for always watching out for us and for continuing to always put his employees first and for being a man of integrity that always stands up for the people who are out there working so very hard for him day in and day out. I would also like to thank Mr. Marsden, Mr. Rockwell, and all the members of senior management for putting their jobs on the line to push back against this threat to our families and our way of life. I am not sure exactly how the boss is going to win this fight but I have faith that he has a plan and I know that he will do whatever is in his power to continue this great business that started as a little store front in Lowell, and has grown to be so much more than “just” the most dominant grocery chain in the region but has become a FAMILY. I will continue to do the only thing that I know how to do and that is to work hard every day and to take care of every customer and to continue to grow the business as Arthur has taught us to do ….but let there be no doubt, AS FOR ME AND MY FAMILY, WE WORK FOR ARTHUR T. DEMOULAS!

    Caleb Owens
    Assistant Store Director #43
    20 years of service……35 years growing up in this company

  18. Rick Mansell says:

    Happy Turkey Day to ARTIE T Where the “C” in “CEO” stands for “CLASS”…we are With you Artie T…but for today…Take a Break and Give thanks…Tomorrow we Move out to the Trenches again and will NOT give up

  19. elizabeth bates says:

    What a great site and such heartfelt, sincere and proud posts! We are MB at its finest and I am thankful amongst this MB strong family. Have a great Thanksgiving all!

  20. Mr. JonathAn says:

    As a GM of a company I can regognize employees who are truly happy to come to work because they have a clear and defined mission statement and leader. Market Basket is the only place that I shop for groceries even if it’s out of my way because when need helps it’s given and then some, when I want more for my dollar I get it, and when the bagger tells me to have a great day and thanks me for my patronage, I believe he means it. Good luck Art…I hope the board doesn’t kill the goose in their chase for the Golden Eggs!

  21. Today I am thankful for my family. Included in that is my Market Basket family. I am thankful for a CEO that cares about his employees . Thanksgiving Eve I spent 10 hours between the doctors office and ER with my 17 year old son. Luckily after a night in the hospital and a round of tests including a MRI and spinal tap my son was released from the hospital in time to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family. I am thankful that with Doctors telling me that we may have to go to Bostons Children’s hospital I did not have to worry about my health insurance. Luckily they found out it was viral meningitis and they could monitor him in Portsmouth. I am thankful to have store managers who care and called to see how he (and I ) were doing and tell me not to worry about work and to be where I am needed. I am thankful for family for staying awake most of the night for updates and I am thankful to work for such a wonderful company as Market Basket.

  22. Mark Smith says:

    I would like to give thanks to Mr.ATD, this is one of the most amazing companies to work for. His compassion for his associates is second to none. I have worked here for twentyfive years. I was hired as a bagger for the new londonderry store in 1988, and then I had the pleasure to open the “new” londonderry store as the deli manager. This company has afforded me an amazing life, not only for myself, but my family also. In closing I cannot give enough Thanks to Mr ATD, our boss and Ceo.

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