Fulfillment: satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character.

Tomorrow’s Board meeting seems to be spawning more rumors than usual and maybe that’s a byproduct of the goings on of the past week or perhaps they are born from some kernels of truth. Whatever the case, we need to remember that they are rumors and rumors can be dangerous, whether they’re optimistic or pessimistic.

That said, this could be a big week for anytime there is a Board meeting there’s a chance for fireworks of some sort or another. As always, we need to be prepared for anything and as we showed last week, we will be ready. The fire that has been lit under us since last July and has fluctuated from roaring inferno down to gentle flame had gas thrown on it with the events of last week and now burns hotter than ever. We all sit on edge and will be hungry for news of any kind. WAMB will be frantically working all sources to find out what we can and will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Be the news good, bad or indifferent we will all continue to battle for this company until the fight is won. As we approach the one year mark of our part in this there is an overriding sense that we will ultimately be fulfilled. We have fought the good fight alongside each other and in support of our management team, B Directors and ATD. We went from being like an annoying mosquito in the room to a swarm which has sent ASD and his boys scrambling for answers. Our cause is just and our resolve is unshakable. This is OUR company and we all have grown into our roles in it the good old fashioned way. Hard work, determination and the willingness to listen to the wise direction of those around us have helped us all flourish.

Arthur S and his sisters are looking for their fulfillment as well. They are looking to win this fight with all of the wrong tactics. They are buying the loyalty of those they surround themselves with and they all are deaf to the wishes of thousands of associates and millions of customers. They want what is not theirs to have; they want what is OURS!

We will deny their fulfillment because we are so determined to win our own, and the two are mutually exclusive. Our leader, our Board members and our management team are brilliant tacticians and their army is as strong as ever. Their leader is a sociopath, their Board members are money hungry lackeys and their army is…nonexistent.

Give them hell tomorrow ATD, Rock, BM, Terry and Bill.

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