Isn't this fight simply between two sides of a family who can't stop suing each other?

Not even close. To say it is a fight between good and evil may simplify things a little too much, but it comes close to the truth. We Are Market Basket represents the third party in the fight: all customers, employees, vendors, contractors and concerned citizens who believe that we can save this company with our united stance against a corporate raid.

Why should I care about this?

If you are an employee, a customer, a business owner or a citizen of New England, you are a stakeholder in this fight. Employees stand to lose thousands in profit sharing and opportunities for advancement will be halted as the business slows. If you are a customer you stand to lose thousands a year in savings. Studies have shown that the average family of 4 saves approximately $4000 per year shopping at Market Basket instead of our competitors. If you are a business owner, do the math…Market Basket has over 2 million customers and those 2 million customers will have thousands less per year to spend at your business.

What can I do?

Let your voice be heard! We believe that the only way this company can be saved is through the will of the people. Without our support, Arthur T. would have been fired back in July. We believe that this is our company and this fact must be driven home so that there is no misunderstanding. Stand united with us.

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  1. I posted this in a comments section under one of the Admin’s post, but I thought it was worth posting here too….
    Of course profits are going to be lower this year. The Board of Directors have been SPENDING MONEY LIKE CRAZY on OVERPRICED P.R. Firms and a Executive Search Firms!!!!! They have also let stores sit closed therefore not making ANY money! These are no-brainers! Stop wasting the PROFITS you claim the company isn’t making you enough of!
    As for the bonus pool amount going up….well think about that for a moment, how many new stores were open this year? How many NEW EMPLOYEES have been added over last year? Also, since there weren’t as many extra bonuses this year, most people will be making less money this year. Their earnings have gone down….how is it that 15% of their earnings for Profit Sharing (since the earnings have gone down) is going to be consistant to last years?????

  2. Misinformation and double-talk on BOD web page working! Lowell Sun reporter Grant Welker tweeted earlier today. DSM associates to receive $70 million on bonuses approved by BOD!!! I retweeted and asked him to please verify actual numbers .

  3. I read the WBUR news on my PC; today at http://cognoscenti.wbur.org/contributors/zeynep-ton
    there was a segment of interest to you. Hope you’ll read her book + get help from her; Zeynep Ton is an adjunct associate professor of operations management at the MIT Sloan School of Management and is the author of the forthcoming book, “The Good Jobs Strategy: How the Smartest Companies Invest in Employees to Lower Costs & Boost Profits.” In Waltham we want a Market Basket in the same tradition as the current Market Basket stores. Robert Reich made similar statements in his movie, “Inequality for All”

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