“The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.” – Charles Kuralt

There can be no surprise at just how well yesterday’s rally went. A great turnout on a hot summer day is par for the course with us! The passion showed by everyone in attendance, all there in spirit and those who spoke was a simple reinforcement of the bond we share and the family we are.
The message is clear: We will not rest until we are whole again. Our family is hurting but our fight is not done and our resolve has only grown stronger.  We will stand together, lift each other when down and focus on our goal so that when, not if, it is achieved we can celebrate together. Never lose sight of that goal.
Arthur T. Demoulas has been removed from the building but the fight surely remains in him. We remain in our buildings and the fight remains in us. Together we will overcome this bump in the road, someway, somehow. Focus not on the bitterness of Monday but rather on the sweetness of making our family whole again.
Our galvanization is the natural product of our upbringing in this family and there is no way that ASD, Ms. Thornton, Mr. Gooch or any of the “A” Directors could ever understand it. Residing in the DNA of our family is the instinct to stick together and protect each other. Paraphrasing what Dean Joyce said so well yesterday, one of our own is hurting and we need to make it right.
Our loyalty is to each other and to ATD. We will never, NEVER, be loyal to those who hurt our family as these people have. We will work and they will pay us, but our hearts will be heavy until our family is healed.

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