A funeral was held today for the mother of two longtime Market Basket associates. While sitting through the profound somberness of the ceremony one couldn’t help but be struck by the power of this family’s love for this woman and share in their sense of loss. Every pew in the church was filled and in looking around you noticed many faces of our Market Basket family from all departments and all levels of employment from clerks to directors to shareholders. In the midst of our all out fight to save the company we love, all took the time to support our family members who were hurting because that is simply what we do.

We stand by our family members when they need us.

Today is yet another day when we wait for the phone to ring with news of a positive resolution. It is staggering to realize that we are now in our 6th week of protest and boycott yet it is heartening to know that our resolve is as strong as it has ever been. The outside world watches in an almost voyeuristic sense to see what will happen to us all as if we were in some sort of twisted movie. To us, we just soldier on because it is what we have to do. Our family is hurting in so many ways and it is our paternal, maternal and fraternal instincts that drive us to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other. Our love for each other overrides all fear and drives us until we get our victory.

As we await the news we are all praying for we can take comfort in knowing that we all await it together. Today we wept together in sorrow for a loved one lost and tonight we resume our vigil in hopes that our faith will be rewarded and that our tears will become tears of joy that our Market Basket family has been made whole again.

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