Email from Joe Garon to Ron Weiner

The following is an email sent by Joe Garon to Ron Weiner. Short, sweet and to the point. Thank you Mr. Garon for fighting alongside all of us.

DearMr Weiner,

You can’t be serious to think we owe you any kind of an apology. You and your supposed independent BOD should be asking our forgiveness for what you have done to this highly successful supermarket and it’s 25,000 dedicated family of associates. You have turned everything upside down and created a lot of distraction and uncertainty in our lives that we could never believe would happen to this fine tuned operation. Stop trying to manage something you do not understand and cannot understand! Stop playing games with our livelihoods. Stop hand cuffing our CEO and start listening to him! Stop wasting time and money on expensive PR firms, search firms, and lawyers. Those monies should be spent opening stores, providing much needed jobs, and taking care of our customers who reward us with their patronage. Open your heart and see what you are doing.


Joe Garon 48 years of loyal service


  1. Kelley sipsey says:

    Love it! You tell him Joe!!

  2. CIndy whelan says:

    Mr. Garon, I have always respected you, first as a supervisor, then as a buyer, and since the Harvard Club, as a leader. Leader is a powerful word, and very few earn it. You have, 10 fold. Thank you!

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