“Day 7 of Market Basket without Our Leaders”


Hell No! We Won’t Go!

Emails were sent out this afternoon in two different groups to Store Directors and the remains of Senior Management about the Company Management meeting scheduled on Wednesday morning. Apparently there are two separate meetings of company management, one at 7am and the other at 8:30am, Huh? Why? Oh, because the meetings are being held at the conference room of the Andover Perishable Warehouse, huh? Where?

Those of you that have been to that conference room for I-9 or Powered Industrial Truck meetings know that at best this facility holds 50 or so people, and the parking is even more limited with room for maybe 30-40 cars. Not to mention our safety director will be having nightmares tonight thinking of people walking through that lot with tractor trailers zipping by left and right.

Who’s bright idea was this? You can tell that a lot of thought and prior planning went into this. Have the new Co-CEOs looked at this or are they relying on the advice of someone?

We are a TEAM plain and simple. The meeting should be held at the Indian Ridge CC as it always has been so that all of us can be together as one like we should be, perhaps that’s the real motive behind this, to try and divide us. WAMB says Hell No! If the meeting is not held at the IRCC like always with all of us together then we should not go period. Management should do whatever is necessary to change the venue to IRCC because that is where we hold our meetings and we can all be together as a TEAM.

We go together as ONE to the IRCC or we don’t go at all!


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