Change to Arthur T. Demoulas’ Role as President?

We are not sure when this change was made, but we recently noticed that on their website of lies and deception, the Board has made a change in what they perceive ATD’s responsibilities to be. In earlier dates on the FAQs page, among his roles was being in charge of employee compensation. Reading yesterday, we noticed that this has been removed.

What does this mean? We can only assume that our compensation is now in the hands of The Three Amigos: Cowan, Weiner and Gebaide. The same three who are taking our retirements to Wall Street.

Still not sure if you should sign the petition and give them a vote of No Confidence? What do they need to do to convince you to stand alongside each of us who has signed?

Silence is acceptance. Silence means saying it’s ok to neuter our beloved CEO and mentor, ATD. Silence means giving them the power to fulfill ASD’s dreams of ruining our company.

Please sign the petition and help us put an end to their reign of terror

ATDs role defined in early ’14 here
ATDs role defined in May ’14 here

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