Arthur T Demoulas, leader, philanthropist and a man of integrity and charachter

They say, and we know it to be true, that the store takes on the personality and traits of it’s manager. That is also true of a department on a smaller scale or our whole company on a larger scale. Now that Arthur T is no longer around we can see and we can feel the void, the vacuum that was/is his leadership and our strength. He is the rock that our company is built on, he has all of his father’s ideas and philosophies along with his own ideas and philosophies. The result of that combination is a man who was born to lead and to lead by example. Everything that we believe in and that we are for in this company is because of Arthur T Demoulas and his father T A Demoulas. Our work ethic, our loyalty, our dedication, our devotion to our customers all of these things are credited to TA and AT Demoulas. Without him at the helm of this company we are a rudderless ship, they tried to replace him with two people that¬†are nothing more than mercenaries sent to prepare the company for sale. These two are an extension of the Board and therefore an extension of ASD. We don’t trust ASD and his Board and we don’t trust his mercenaries.

Market Basket, as we know it, ¬†exists only with Arthur T Demoulas in the CEO chair and in full control. Arthur T Demoulas IS Market Basket and the company will not survive without him. We know how that sounds but it is true, ATD embodies the spirit and soul of our company. It may say Market Basket on the roof but it will not be the same, it isn’t the same now, only two weeks later. Eventually, over time the Market Basket brand that he envisioned and that we all built together will be gone, replaced by bottom line feeders with Wall St mentalities. ATD is truly a philanthropist who cares more about people than he does money, a very rare trait now a days. He is not just a CEO, owner and shareholder, he is the head of our family of associates. He walks through the stores and warehouses and truly knows the people, not just their names but their families, kids etc…Arthur T Demoulas is more than respected in our company, he is revered by all.

Market Basket is so much more than brick and mortar buildings that sell groceries, Market Basket is an ideology that exists in every one of us, our culture is tied to this ideology and our ideology exists only with Arthur T Demoulas as our leader. When you board members understand this then you will understand that without him we are nothing, we are an also ran with the many other supermarkets out there. We will go to work without purpose or conviction and soon, real soon, our business model will begin to fail. Once it begins it will go fast, we hope you are happy with your part in the destruction of the true American success story. There is still time to reverse this horrible mistake, A/B directors look at what is already happening to our company, ask your appointed CEOs what the mood of last week’s management meetings and you will have all the answers you need. Do the right thing, the ONLY thing that will right this ship.

WAMB is sure that ATD is working harder for us now than he was before unencumbered by his fiduciary responsibilities as CEO. He promised to never leave us and we believe that and have faith in that, after all ATD has never once lied to us unlike his replacements who have lied so much in two weeks WAMB has started to track them for a later post. Keep the faith and know that he will be back and Market Basket will be back, both even stronger than before.

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