Andy Heggarty, Store Director Lowell

“Andy is the Store Director of our Bridge Street Lowell, store #2, location. Andy has been an associate for 35 years and has been running the Bridge Street location for 9 years.  Andy guided his store and his entire plaza through an extensive and complicated major remodel a couple of years ago, the whole time continuing to keep his volume up and his customers serviced the Market Basket way.  Thank you Andy for putting into words what so many of us feel.”


My name is Andy Heggarty and I am the Store Director in Bridge Street,Lowell Massachusetts, the city where it all began. I talk to the loyal and faithful Customers every day and hear their stories of how long they’ve been shopping with us because of Arthur T. and his Dedication to our Community. I have been fortunate to be able to work for “One Great Company”my whole career (35 years) like most of my fellow Directors. It’s a privilege to be able to work with Great Leaders such as Mr. T.A.DeMoulas, his son Arthur T, Mr. Marsden, Mr.Rockwell, Mr.Miamis,  Tom and Tom, Dave and so many members of Upper Management that have made this company “what it is today”.

I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of Facebook, but when it is used like it has been, it’s been a great tool for all of us!! After reading some of the posts from Kevin, Terry, Marty, Al, Dora and many others, it really humbles you. Lets not forget Cindy; she made it easy for a lot of us when this all began earlier last year. Over the past 6 months our Company has been on ‘pins and needles’ because the so-called “Board of Directors” won’t let our LEADER and CEO (Arthur T.) run the Company the way it should be. When you have a man such as Arthur T. running our Company,  we have no worries because he always puts the Customers and the Employees before anyone else. This is one of the reasons that our Company has been so successful over the years. Our Company has so many Dedicated young men and women that want to move up the ranks like I, and many of my peers have had the opportunity to do so. I can only ask the Board of Directors to listen to us. Let us open these stores.We are a passionate, caring, group of individuals that wants what is best for our Company and our Customers.We will stand Together and fight for Arthur T. and this Great Company that we all believe in. I want to end by sharing this quote that I felt was appropriate.

“Take Pride in how far you have come,and have faith in how far you can go”.
Christian Larson


  1. MarK lemieux says:

    Not just a good golfer but a great writer. Great post Andy!

  2. Andy; Well said, great post.

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