A Fund to Help Our Fellow Associates in the Warehouse

We Are Market Basket set this Go Fund Me page up for the truck drivers and warehouse workers earlier today and we should have put a statement on here saying that it was NOT a scam. During today’s WGBH radio broadcast with Tom Trainor and Joe Schmidt, it was announced that such a site had been set up and this is it. We want to help these associates. Go Fund Me is a legitimate fundraising site and We Are Market Basket hope to use their site’s resources for a good cause.

We are not asking our customers to help them out, though we would certainly be pleased if they did, but rather we are looking for associates to help fellow associates who are standing alongside each other.

You will see the name “Bob Smith” as being involved. We used that pseudonym when we set up this page on FB. Currently the donation tab at Go Fund Me is not active and we are working to fix this.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please message us here on FB or send an email to wearemarketbasket@gmail.com

Thank you.


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