Well that was a heck of a year, wouldn’t you say?

When we look back at 2014 it seems safe to say that most of us will see it as one of the most gratifying years of our lives. A battle which started in July of 2013 became a full blown war to save the company in 2014 with all chips pushed to the middle of the table. We resolved that we would win and win we did! Together we accomplished what many felt was impossible. We made history and in the process we have shown the world things we have known for so long: that Arthur T. Demoulas is the epitome of what a CEO should be; that Market Basket is a company built by and made up of people who understand what it means to be part of the communities it serves; that our customers are the the absolute best and they genuinely care about us as much as we care about them; that together We, associates-customers-vendors, Are Market Basket!

Certain board members had this message delivered loud and clear to them for 18 months yet it fell on deaf ears every time. They believed they held a power granted them by job title but they did not understand that power is useless when nobody listens to what you say. Every step they took was watched by us and when push came to shove we showed that 5 board members were no match for 25,000 associates and 2 million customers!

There is so much to be proud of from last year, but we will not gloat. We will relish our achievements and forever appreciate the loyalty we all showed to each other, our customers and the family of Telemachus A. Demoulas (Irene Demoulas, Francine Demoulas Kettenbach, Glorianne Demoulas Farnum, Arthur T. Demoulas and Caren Demoulas Pasquale). While our fight with the Board is over rest assured that we will never stop fighting for each other. We will continue to fight every day for our customers and look out for them when they are not looking so that they will be able to shop the greatest grocery store in the land and continue to buy groceries at the best possible value and quality. Our focus now and forever more will be solely on fulfilling all that it means to be Market Basket.

Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you all peace and happiness and may the spirit of 2014 live on for each of us.

Bostonians of the Year!

The Boston Globe Magazine has named the associates of Market Basket their Bostonians of the year. We could not think of a more worthy bunch for this honor and we thank the Globe for recognizing that these men and women are the epitome of integrity and desire. They were brave enough to stand together and save something that they hold near and dear. They STUCK THEIR NECKS OUT for each other, for Arthur T. Demoulas, for the communities they serve and they Saved Market Basket!


Today’s Boston Globe

Today’s Boston Globe

There is an article in today’s Boston Globe regarding the documentary about our story that Jay Childs is working on. See the article here:

Read about the documentary and contribute here:

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

We have gotten word that the sale of DeMoulas Supermarkets has been finalized! Arthur T. Demoulas and his sisters now have sole ownership of this great company and we take tremendous pride in saying in our loudest, proudest voice WE ARE MARKET BASKET!



Poetry Contest

Poetry Contest

We received an email from John Lauretani which referenced a poetry contest being run by a website dedicated to the 17th century poet Anne Bradstreet, who lived in North Andover. The contest states that “Anyone is welcome to submit a poem or short essay, one page maximum for both, for entry on why they’re thankful for Market Basket.” All entries will be displayed online and the choice poem/essay in both adult and youth categories will be published in the North Andover Citizen.
You can view the page for the contest here: http://annebradstreet.org/2014/11/26/join-the-market-basket-challange/

Here is John’s poem which he sent to us and is also on their page:


The Merrimack Valley community
and places well beyond
got themselves embroiled
in a family war that spawned

Support for the one called “ T “
disdain for the one called “ S “
who’s abuse of power through coercion
created an infamous mess

From Athanasios and Efrosini to
Telemachus (Mike) and brother George
the hands of time ground forward
to form the grocery forge

Pride is strong in all families
especially of those with success
but when does wealth become primary
and people become less

It’s true both sides have facts
who knows what’s behind closed doors
we see what media provides us
and just tally up the scores

We salute you “ MB “ employees
integrity won out in the end
standing with you in the pickets
sent a message for all to defend

Harvard will study the outcome
of which many were surprised
but to honest hard working people
the “right thing” was always advised

Kickstarter Campaign for Documentary Film

This morning we received an email from Jay Childs and Melissa Paly informing us of their Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the documentary they are producing. Jay has been a familiar face to many of us for more than a year as he has covered this story since the rally in Waltham back in the fall of 2013. We have come to believe Jay fully understands that the message of our story is about the people.

If you would like to help Jay and Melissa get to their goal, please visit their Kickstarter page and check out their campaign. We feel that this is a great project they have in the making.