Revere, Store #74

The new store in Revere will be opening this Sunday, October 26, at 7am. As with any grand opening we are truly excited to be entering a new city and we will watch with pride as our customers flock to the store and flood the aisles. We will all be on hand to greet them and we look forward to becoming a part of the community we will be serving.

But this is different.

The store has been built and ready to go for over a year and it has sat there, vacant and alone, as a symbol for all to see of the battle we have waged since the summer of 2013. What would happen to it? Would it ever open? There was so much on the line for the good people of Revere and surrounding towns who had anticipated the opening for so long. The truth is that none of us knew what the outcome would be but while we were fighting to save Market Basket we were also fighting for the people of Revere so that we could finally open the doors of their store and put people to work and allow customers to shop at the best supermarket in the land.

The store took on the face of the struggle whenever you drove by it. You could not look at it and not think of all of the turmoil which led to its dormancy. Anger and frustration would transform into hope and determination as time wore on. With dogged resolve and unwavering unity among associates, vendors and customers we would win our battle and Revere is now set to open its doors and join the family as store #74.

We thank the good people of Revere for having patience through all of this and we look forward to celebrating a new beginning with them on Sunday. Come on down and join the fun…we’re not sticking our necks out when we claim that this is going to be one special day.

Help Preserve History

Save History!

For the next two weeks we will be compiling photos and videos of the Market Basket event from July 2013 through August 2014. If you have any photos or videos you would like to share with us please send them to:

These could be from any rally, picket, protest or assembly. If the pictures are self explanatory great if not feel free to include a narrative including names if you wish. Send as many as you think have merit. They will be collected, preserved and put into some form where all will be able to share. We all worked too hard to let the memories of this historic event just fade away.