Rebels With a Cause

On June 29 we posted an article we titled “Resistance” and it served as a challenge to all that our time was at hand to take action so that we could save the company. We now stand together, customers and associates alike, in the midst of a resistance the likes of which has never been seen. The world has watched with great interest and support as we have taken to parking lots and sidewalks in a unified protest against the type of corporate greed which has become the norm in society. Our fight has created a new battlefield and started a new discussion: why shouldn’t the employees of a company have a say in who their CEO is?

If Arthur T. Demoulas were simply a great and caring man who knew the names of our spouses and children and also attended our weddings and funerals but at the same time was a lousy or barely adequate CEO, this story would not be happening. The fact is he is the total package. His steady guidance has allowed us to thrive and constantly adapt to an ever changing marketplace. Think about what a new store of ours looked like in 2008 versus 2013. The cafes, Markets Kitchen, demo-stations. We built upon the tried and true culture of More For Your Dollar and enhanced the customer experience in so many ways. This is why we resist.

A month later we stand on the verge of making history. We know that an offers from ATD and other suitors sit in the hands of the Board and we call on them to do the right thing not only for us associates but for our customers and for the greater good of all New England. We have drawn our line in the stand stating that we will work for no other CEO and that other potential buyers should take pause and give serious thought to pulling their offers.

We are New Englanders and we have rebellion in our blood. It’s about a mile from Lexington Green to the Burlington store and where our forefathers stood ready to change the world wearing tri-corner hats as they faced the Red Coats, we are on the verge of forever changing the corporate world while outfitted in smocks as we stand facing the Board and Arthur S in their tailored suits.

We have fought as courageously as anyone could ever have hoped. We need to stay strong and in doing so, we will carry the day. We can have no doubt about that.

Together WE ARE MARKET BASKET! Let’s finish this thing.

Thank you!

One HUGE thank you goes out tonight from WAMB to all of our beloved customers. You, our devoted and loyal customers, have taken this fight over for us. The stores throughout our company were empty of customers today and many of you came out and supported our volunteer associate army on the protest lines. We cannot express to you all how great it feels to be able to fight this battle with you behind us. This is a fight that we did not want but we were forced into by an unresponsive Board and uncaring and untrustworthy co-CEOs.

On Monday we let you know it would help our cause to boycott our stores, as difficult as that was to say, and you responded. At yesterday’s rally we asked you to carry on the fight with us and you responded in a huge way. For this, we are eternally grateful to each and every one of you. We ask you to continue this fight with us until ATD is back in charge of our company. We have always known, unlike some companies, that our customers are the biggest asset we have, the reason we go to work and work hard every day. What we didn’t count on was you being our biggest weapon in our fight against corporate greed!

We have never been prouder to be associates of Market Basket and we have never been prouder of the customers we service every day with a smile. We are well aware that shopping at our competitors is a burden on you and our answer to that is, the more you boycott the quicker we can get back to servicing you. Please know that despite our co-CEO’s offer for amnesty, none of us will be returning to work until ATD is back in the driver’s seat and that includes if someone else buys the majority share of the company. We will NOT work for anyone but ATD and our customers have voted the same with their feet!

Stay Strong and Stay United

We Are Market Basket

Press Release

MB associates and customers remain fully committed to our cause. ATD must be reinstated with full authority as president of DSM. This has been and will continue to be non-negotiable.
We also want to be clear in our message to any other potential buyer that we will work for no other CEO.

Take your amnesty and …….

How can you tell if F&G are lying? If their lips are moving. Since F&G have stepped foot into 875 East St they have been less than truthful to associates and Friday was no different. A week ago Thursday F&G sent all associates a letter stating that any associate (they said employee) that did not come to work would be permanently replaced. That just infuriated associates and office workers, warehouse associates and drivers all left their jobs the next day (many of them were out sick or on vacation). Their response was to fire 8 executives Sunday night (at least two of whom were on vacation) for disrupting the company’s business. WAMB guesses that if you utilize your first amendment rights to speak out against what you believe to be wrong you get the ax by courier with no exit interview or even a face to face.

Friday night F&G, through their new PR firm O’Neill and Assoc, stating that all protesting and boycotting MB associates would be welcomed back with open arms Monday if they returned to work with no penalties or discipline. Guess that means they lied once again when they said those associates would be permanently replaced. Earlier this week F&G released a statement about trust and acceptance and judging them based on their actions. Guess what F&G, your actions do speak volumes about your integrity and character. We can truthfully say that ATD has never lied to any associate in OUR company. This is a clever move by O’Neill to try to paint you in a positive light but your boss ASD showed his true colors on WGBH tv tonight, O’Neill should get to work trying to repair that damage.

We asked for one thing, ATD back as CEO with full authority, nothing more and nothing less. Until that happens we stay the course and we stay united and strong. F&G can take their amnesty and stick it, the only reason this is being offered is because after a week of bringing in scabs to do your jobs they have realized that no one can do your jobs any where close to the way you do your job. Don’t be fooled by this crap, MB associates are a lot smarter than we have been given credit for and this BOD has underestimated us time and time again.

MB Faithful stay the course and stay united, united we win, divided we fail. Don’t be fooled by press releases from F&G through O’Neill, they have shown through their own actions that they cannot be trusted.

Beloved customers, please continue to boycott our stores until ATD comes back!


The BOD Press Release

The Board of Disfunction sent this press release out today after their meeting;

“The Board of Directors of Demoulas Supermarkets Inc. met today and confirmed that the Company has received an offer from Arthur T Demoulas and the other “B” shareholders to acquire the remaining 50.5%of the shares of the Company. The Board said the offer was received prior to the deadline for the “B” shareholders to present a proposal. Consistent with it’s fiduciary obligations, the Board will evaluate and seriously consider this proposal, along with any offers previously received and to be received. Following its evaluation of all the offers, it will convey its recommendation to the Company shareholders.

The Board acknowledges that it has heard from many stakeholders. The negative behavior of certain current and former associates is at variance with the Company’s culture of putting the needs of the Market Basket customers first. It is now clear in the interests of all members of the Market Basket community for normal business operations to resume immediately. Furthermore,  the Board reaffirmed its election of Co-CEOs Felicia Thornton and James Gooch to manage the Company in accordance with the Company’s bylaws.”

So, what does this nonsense mean? Not much, it means the BOD cannot just fire F&G 4 weeks after they hired them without admitting they made a HUGE mistake, that could open them up to lawsuits. This was not unexpected. This also means that since WE did not get what we asked for from the BOD WE stay the course we are on until they bring ATD back with full authority or ATD buys the company. In just four weeks time, F&G have made a thriving $4.6 billion company look like Radio Shack in it’s death throes. The longer the BOD let’s this go on the negligence clock keeps ticking.

The fact they acknowledge they “heard from” many stakeholders simply means the 100,000 customer petitions were delivered.

The “negative behavior of current and former associates” means they apparently didn’t notice the 12,000 associates, customers and vendors all there to support ATD in Tewksbury today. Keith Cowan, Ron Weiner and Eric Gebaide need to pull their heads out of the dark place they are in and wake up! 25,000 associates and 2 million customers are NOT wrong and they are NOT negative. These “independent” directors need to look at what has happened to OUR company under their watch.

“It is now clear in the interests of all members of the Market Basket community  for normal business operations to resume immediately”. Oh okay, sorry about that we will get right on resuming normal business operations immediately after ATD is our CEO with full authority and not a minute sooner.

WAMB stay MB Strong and Stay the Course You are on!

Epic Rally

Tomorrow we will be holding a rally at the Tewksbury Market Basket, 10 Main St, Tewksbury MA. Come one and come all show your support for the MB associates, customers and vendors.

This Rally coincides with the Board of Directors meeting we want as many as possible to come and support all of our Market Basket family including customers and vendors. It is very important that we continue the boycott and picketing until ATD is reinstated as CEO with full authority or until he buys the company, whichever comes first. BOD you cannot turn a blind eye to what has happened to this powerhouse of a company in just one week.

We have permits for extra parking at Alumni Field and Janas Rink, both located off Douglas Road. Shuttle buses will be provided. See the map, highlighted yellow areas are the parking areas for the rally, please do not park along Clark Rd or in the businesses on Clark Rd.

Rally Parking copy

Update for the MB Faithful

1. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor Deval Patrick have both declined to take a stand in our fight against corporate greed despite the fact that dozens of lawmakers and mayors in MA and NH have signed our boycott and our standing with us, the middle class and lower class that they claim to fight so hard for.

“Corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick, they cry, they dance. They live, they love and they die. And that matters. That matters because we don’t run this country for corporations, we run it for people.”–Elizabeth Warren September 2012

“People feel like the system is rigged against them, and here is the painful part, they’re right. The system is rigged.”–Elizabeth Warren September 2012

The financial bottom line is not the only bottom line. There is also a community bottom line, an environmental bottom line, a moral bottom line, and public leadership should try to integrate all of them.–Deval Patrick April 12, 2011

These two politicians claim to be on the side of the worker and against corporate greed yet refuse to put their money where their mouth is, lets flood them with calls and emails.

Contact information for Senator Warren

Contact information for Governor Patrick

2. Some have been saying that ATD’s offer to buy the company has been accepted, please be aware that accepting the offer and accepting the deal are two entirely different things. If something happens you will know it, don’t listen to rumors.

3. Board meeting has been changed from 4pm Friday to 9am Friday at the Prudential Center.

4. Just because ATD has tendered an offer to buy the company does not change what we are doing. It is great news however it is a shareholder issue that could take some time to work out even if the ASD side wants to sell to ATD. That being said, we continue to picket and boycott the markets. Our fight is directly with the BOD for them to reinstate ATD as CEO without restriction.

5. Rally Friday at the Tewksbury #8 store, 10 Main St. Tewksbury, MA at 9 am. Please consider car pooling and get there early. This rally is going to be  a big one with more customers, more media and more associates. Tell everyone you know to go, please continue to act responsibly, the Tewksbury Selectmen are telling the media that they hope violence doesn’t escalate. (apparently the Tewksbury Selectman are clueless). Remeber, We Are Market Basket, we are proud and we are respectful.

6. The Board and the new co-CEOs have engaged a new PR firm Oneill & Assoc out of Boston. Apparently KEKST was finally fired for doing such a stellar job, more money wasted.  Anyway this PR firm has decided that the best way to boost their image is to drag up information that is decades old and try to rehash it. They have also planted trolls on our site to make negative comments etc…so if you think there is a troll jump on them then PM us so we can take care of it. They have found a PR firm with as much character as the BOD has.

Stay STRONG MB Faithful, this isn’t over by a long shot, continue to picket and boycott. We hope the BOD takes it’s fiduciary responsibilities seriously and votes the only way they can tomorrow by reinstating ATD with full authority. Customers, you have been absolutely fantastic and we are humbled by your strong show of support for us, we guarantee to make it up to you when this is all over.



A Call for Photos of ATD

A call for photos of ATD with you and your family.

If you have pictures of ATD at a family event of yours that he may have attended, we’d love to see them. Many stories have been shared of his personal touch and a national news outlet is looking to create a collage of sorts for the piece they are preparing.

Please send any you are willing to contribute to and we’ll pass them along.

A Fund to Help Our Fellow Associates in the Warehouse

We Are Market Basket set this Go Fund Me page up for the truck drivers and warehouse workers earlier today and we should have put a statement on here saying that it was NOT a scam. During today’s WGBH radio broadcast with Tom Trainor and Joe Schmidt, it was announced that such a site had been set up and this is it. We want to help these associates. Go Fund Me is a legitimate fundraising site and We Are Market Basket hope to use their site’s resources for a good cause.

We are not asking our customers to help them out, though we would certainly be pleased if they did, but rather we are looking for associates to help fellow associates who are standing alongside each other.

You will see the name “Bob Smith” as being involved. We used that pseudonym when we set up this page on FB. Currently the donation tab at Go Fund Me is not active and we are working to fix this.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please message us here on FB or send an email to

Thank you.

Friday, July 25. The Grand Finale

On Friday, July 25, at 9am we will stage what we hope will be our biggest and final rally. We will meet at the same place, 10 Main Street, Tewksbury, to put the finishing touch on our week of protest and celebrate who and what we are. We are in the midst of what will most likely be the biggest and most important cause any of us will ever be a part of. The eyes of the nation are on us as we march forward with unwavering resolve to get ATD back in charge and put Market Basket back on track.

Our fight has been joined by tens of thousands. Associates, vendors, media, politicians and most importantly, our customers. We call on our customers to join us Friday and make this rally yours. Your participation in supporting us by boycotting Market Basket until this is seen through is the single most powerful weapon we have.
We ask that you continue to shop elsewhere and let your voices be heard both at the rally and in ASDs wallet!

We fervently hope that Friday, when the Board meets at 4pm in the Prudential Center in Boston, our revolution ends with the proper resolution. They can put an end to all of this with a simple vote to do what is right: return Arthur T. Demoulas to his role of President and CEO. The three “Independent” members, Keith Cowan, Ron Weiner and Eric Gebaide have their reputations and potentially their financial well being on the line. They have a fiduciary obligation to do what is best for this company. They must to do what is best for New England. Then must to do what is best for the customers.