“Day 7 of Market Basket without Our Leaders”


Hell No! We Won’t Go!

Emails were sent out this afternoon in two different groups to Store Directors and the remains of Senior Management about the Company Management meeting scheduled on Wednesday morning. Apparently there are two separate meetings of company management, one at 7am and the other at 8:30am, Huh? Why? Oh, because the meetings are being held at the conference room of the Andover Perishable Warehouse, huh? Where?

Those of you that have been to that conference room for I-9 or Powered Industrial Truck meetings know that at best this facility holds 50 or so people, and the parking is even more limited with room for maybe 30-40 cars. Not to mention our safety director will be having nightmares tonight thinking of people walking through that lot with tractor trailers zipping by left and right.

Who’s bright idea was this? You can tell that a lot of thought and prior planning went into this. Have the new Co-CEOs looked at this or are they relying on the advice of someone?

We are a TEAM plain and simple. The meeting should be held at the Indian Ridge CC as it always has been so that all of us can be together as one like we should be, perhaps that’s the real motive behind this, to try and divide us. WAMB says Hell No! If the meeting is not held at the IRCC like always with all of us together then we should not go period. Management should do whatever is necessary to change the venue to IRCC because that is where we hold our meetings and we can all be together as a TEAM.

We go together as ONE to the IRCC or we don’t go at all!



The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. – Dante

We find ourselves today at a new phase in the battle for the survival of our company: Resistance. Last week brought us through what seemed to be a cataclysmic cycle of news and we all were looking for answers. The people who have led us for decades were summarily dismissed from, or resigned from their jobs and we were left to essentially fend for ourselves. What we learned is that they had taught us well. We rallied at Chelsea, we saved our fellow associates at the Indian Ridge and now we go forward into a new week in a position of power we have never held before.

For the better part of the last year we did all that we could to support ATD and our management team so that they were able to remain in place. We moved in lockstep with them every inch of the way. Now we have been force-fed a new team at the top and we are expected to swallow our medicine and play along in their charade. This is not going to happen. They are occupying the offices of people we love and admire and there can be no rest from a single one of us until they have gone back to Minnesota and Oregon and our rightful leaders have been reinstated. Our roles in this story have become even more important than they were a week ago.

We now must stand face to face with them and tell them that we are not going to accept them in our company. We must tell them directly that we believe them to be liars. We must see through all of their friendly overtures and realize that they have been put in place by ASD and his Board to ruin our company. This will take courage to do, so know that when faced with the situation we will all be standing alongside you.

We must also understand how these two, Jim and Felicia, were finally chosen to be our leaders. An executive search firm has been at work for many months looking for candidates to take over. Do you think these two were their first choices? Doesn’t it make more sense to think that many good candidates looked at the situation, the “opportunity” to run a company at the top of its game and replace some of the most successful leaders in the industry, and said “thanks, but no thanks”? They found these two at the bottom of the candidate barrel! They have no chance of changing our company for the better so the only conclusion that we can reach is that they are mercenaries. Here simply to enforce an agenda, collect fat paychecks and then cash out after Market Basket as we all know it has been effectively blown up.

Next time one of them comes into your store or greets you in the hallway or stops by your office, remember that they do not care even the slightest bit about you or your family or your well being. RESIST the temptation to give them the benefit of the doubt. RESIST their attempts to buy your loyalty with promises of a higher position within the company. RESIST RESIST RESIST!

They will try to say that they have granted us bonuses. We know that these were put into place by ATD.

They will try to say that they saved the day at Indian Ridge. We know that we sounded the alarm and got the media there and forced Little Gerry Levins to whimper away back to the loving embrace of ASD.

They will try to say that they want what is best for us and our company. We know that what is best for us and our company is for them to go away.

We must be resolute in our commitment to each other and our company.

We must understand that ATD is fighting harder than ever every minute of every day to get his company back.

We must resist ASD’s handpicked executives.

There is no middle ground.


Arthur T. Demoulas IS MARKET BASKET.

Jim Gooch and Felicia Thornton are not, nor will they ever be.

Was it staged?

We have heard that some of you think the situation at the IRCC today was staged to make the Co-CEOs look like they came to the rescue of Cheri and her staff from Levins. We highly doubt it and here is why we think that;

First of all, Mr. Levins has not exactly been a mental genius when it comes to the IRCC and his follow through of ASD’s orders to shut it down. The first time he showed up was during the middle of the biggest charity event that DSM sponsors at the IRCC, the annual Greater Lawrence Boys & Girls Club event. There were over 400 people there to witness his exchange with Cheri Nolan and he left at the urging of the Andover PD and promised to return on the following Wednesday. On that Wednesday there were a few hundred MB associates there rallying for our brother and sister DSM associates. Levins sent Atty Curry in his Black Lexus SUV to scout out the Ridge and he quickly scurried away after seeing the crowd, no doubt on the phone with Levins telling him the coast wasn’t clear. Then we have Levins making a statement that Sterling golf will “oversee” the club and it’s staff will stay in place. He also states that Sterling Golf will be an “addition not a subtraction” to the IRCC. Today, Levins, Curry, Sterling Golf and the Andover PD show up in the middle of a member/guest tourney and announces he is locking the place down and doesn’t care about the members…brilliant, absolutely brilliant. We gotta tell you, ASD must be pretty upset that you have now botched the one thing he asked you to do three times now.

Second, if the new CEOs were supposed to swoop in and rescue the staff from the evil Levins they arrived too late. Sure they made a show of going up to Cheri and we are sure that Cheri got the same reassuring speech we all got on the conference call yesterday. We can all attest to how much reassurance and confidence that instilled in all of us, especially after today.

There are those that will tell you that the new CEOs were unaware of the IRCC being a DSM property or the associates there were DSM associates but our feeling is that by their own admission they have been here on the job for 2 months now and they should have known that. Regardless it is their responsibility to know about the whole company they are attempting to lead. They are the Co-CEOs of DSM Inc, not just the Market Basket stores.

No, we are pretty darn sure this wasn’t staged and even if it was the end result is egg all over the faces of the new CEOs and complete loss of our confidence and trust (the very things they are trying so hard to obtain). This is simply a disfunctional BOD not communicating with the very people it hired to replace ATD whom they didn’t communicate with either…someone should tell the Board that the new CEOs are on the same team as the BOD.

We Are Market Basket


IRCC lives another day

IRCC lives another day…

This is the timeline for the events that happened today at the Indian Ridge CC.

Levins (ASD bag man) along with Atty Curry (the black lexus drive by at the IRCC rally last week, Sterling Golf and two Andover PD cruisers arrived late morning.

Levins informed Cheri they were taking over the IRCC and she and her staff were all done and to leave. If they refused to leave a locksmith would come to shut down the club. When Cheri asked about the members she was told “we don’t care about the members” also known as customers.

Word got out quick through social media which attracted more members of the MB family as well as Lowell Sun, NECN and the Eagle Tribune and members of the club. This created more of a scene then the cowardly Levins and crew wanted to deal with and they left.

Undoubtably they will be back though, probably in the dark of night but thanks to all of you and the media we were able to stop this injustice from happening today, again.

Remember after last week’s rally at IRCC they said the staff would stay in place and be overseen by Sterling.

This lie along with the lie about no firings of DSM associates still stands though and should show all of us what this Board and the current leadership of DSM is capable of.

Thank you MB Family for once again coming to the rescue of a family member in trouble.

They Lied….

They Lied….

Less than 24 hours after the conference call and letter to the stores about no changes to pay, benefits and bonuses they have fired the whole staff at the Indian Ridge Country Club. Cheri and her staff are all DSM associates who receive their pay from the same place you receive yours.

There will be a locksmith there at noon so if you are local and can get there please go to support Cheri and her staff.

This is only the beginning, who is next to get canned? They say a lot in that letter and that conference call that is now completely without merit or conviction. Way to go Felicia and Jim, you just showed your true colors.


“The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.” – Charles Kuralt

There can be no surprise at just how well yesterday’s rally went. A great turnout on a hot summer day is par for the course with us! The passion showed by everyone in attendance, all there in spirit and those who spoke was a simple reinforcement of the bond we share and the family we are.
The message is clear: We will not rest until we are whole again. Our family is hurting but our fight is not done and our resolve has only grown stronger.  We will stand together, lift each other when down and focus on our goal so that when, not if, it is achieved we can celebrate together. Never lose sight of that goal.
Arthur T. Demoulas has been removed from the building but the fight surely remains in him. We remain in our buildings and the fight remains in us. Together we will overcome this bump in the road, someway, somehow. Focus not on the bitterness of Monday but rather on the sweetness of making our family whole again.
Our galvanization is the natural product of our upbringing in this family and there is no way that ASD, Ms. Thornton, Mr. Gooch or any of the “A” Directors could ever understand it. Residing in the DNA of our family is the instinct to stick together and protect each other. Paraphrasing what Dean Joyce said so well yesterday, one of our own is hurting and we need to make it right.
Our loyalty is to each other and to ATD. We will never, NEVER, be loyal to those who hurt our family as these people have. We will work and they will pay us, but our hearts will be heavy until our family is healed.

Darkness on the Edge of Town

“Tonight I’ll be on that hill ’cause I can’t stop,
I’ll be on that hill with everything I got.
Lives on the line where dreams are found and lost,
I’ll be there on time and I’ll pay the cost.”
Bruce Springsteen- Darkness on the Edge of Town

Today we meet in Chelsea and our battle continues on a new front. We are outsiders, every one of us. Our company is now run by strangers with our top two people hailing from Minnesota and Oregon. Our homegrown leaders ATD, BM and Rocky have been summarily booted from the building…the building they built. The people they love.

Some will advise that we weather this storm and keep the course of business. That all will be ok. Perhaps they are right. Maybe we should turn a blind eye and a cold shoulder to Arthur, Bill and Rocky. Maybe we should tell Dave McClean and Sue Dufresne that they resigned in vein.

This is what Arthur S and his team of mercenaries would love for us to do. In fact, that is what they are banking on us doing because history is full of people who don’t stand up for their convictions.

Can you imagine how disappointed Arthur, Bill and Rocky would be in us if we decided to whimper rather than roar? For a year we have donned pins and bumper stickers with pride. We have written and spoken to them, assuring them we have their backs. We have one final chance to do something unprecedented and that is to put to work all of our preparation from the last year and stand up and fight for our beloved leaders and save our company. If we let today’s rally come and go and simply go back to our stores and let it be business as usual, then we have all been full of simple hot air and rhetoric these past 11 months.

Arthur T. Demoulas has been fired.

Arthur S. Demoulas is your new boss.

If that doesn’t scare the daylights out of you and shake you into action, I have no idea what will.

See you in Chelsea. Let’s make Arthur T, BM and Rocky proud.

Now’s the Time to Act!

Since that hot summer day last July when we came together as a family to fight for our boss, our company and our livelihoods we have been fighting the good fight and winning small battles here and there. Now we come to the biggest fight of our careers, they have fired the boss and his two top lieutenants. ATD, BM and Rocky ARE Market Basket and without them we are lost.

We are planning a rally in Chelsea #32 Tuesday, June 24 at 2:30pm. The media will be there and we have to make this a bigger rally than even last July 18th, our company depends on it. We cannot sit back like so many others have done when their companies have been taken over. We are not like other companies because we are family and we have grown up together working our way up through the ranks. 

We have all read the guest posts about ATD and how good he was to you etc…if you have ever been touched in any way by ATD or BM or Rocky you need to be there to show your support for them. They have been there all this time for YOU, for US! Now’s the time for us to be there for them. We are not going to take this lying down, they are NOT going to steal this company from us so they can strip the money out of it and sell the remains. We are not going to stand for it, this is OUR company and WE built it together and we will be damned if we are going to just let them walk in and take it without a fight!

If you ever looked at this as more than just a job, if you ever went to your store every day saying you love what you do, if you ever bragged to your friends about how great this company is to work for then…YOU NEED TO BE IN CHELSEA TUESDAY AT 2:30pm


Fulfillment: satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character.

Tomorrow’s Board meeting seems to be spawning more rumors than usual and maybe that’s a byproduct of the goings on of the past week or perhaps they are born from some kernels of truth. Whatever the case, we need to remember that they are rumors and rumors can be dangerous, whether they’re optimistic or pessimistic.

That said, this could be a big week for anytime there is a Board meeting there’s a chance for fireworks of some sort or another. As always, we need to be prepared for anything and as we showed last week, we will be ready. The fire that has been lit under us since last July and has fluctuated from roaring inferno down to gentle flame had gas thrown on it with the events of last week and now burns hotter than ever. We all sit on edge and will be hungry for news of any kind. WAMB will be frantically working all sources to find out what we can and will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Be the news good, bad or indifferent we will all continue to battle for this company until the fight is won. As we approach the one year mark of our part in this there is an overriding sense that we will ultimately be fulfilled. We have fought the good fight alongside each other and in support of our management team, B Directors and ATD. We went from being like an annoying mosquito in the room to a swarm which has sent ASD and his boys scrambling for answers. Our cause is just and our resolve is unshakable. This is OUR company and we all have grown into our roles in it the good old fashioned way. Hard work, determination and the willingness to listen to the wise direction of those around us have helped us all flourish.

Arthur S and his sisters are looking for their fulfillment as well. They are looking to win this fight with all of the wrong tactics. They are buying the loyalty of those they surround themselves with and they all are deaf to the wishes of thousands of associates and millions of customers. They want what is not theirs to have; they want what is OURS!

We will deny their fulfillment because we are so determined to win our own, and the two are mutually exclusive. Our leader, our Board members and our management team are brilliant tacticians and their army is as strong as ever. Their leader is a sociopath, their Board members are money hungry lackeys and their army is…nonexistent.

Give them hell tomorrow ATD, Rock, BM, Terry and Bill.

What’s in Your Wallet?

WAMB has been working hard to find out what has been happening at these Board meetings (the June meeting is scheduled for June 23, 2014) and we were lucky enough to find out some information from our industry sources. WARNING! this message may be disturbing to you  men and women who work hard at Market Basket for your wages.

First we have heard that the BOD has voted themselves a raise, shocking we know but the BOD is now making a whopping $800.00 per hour. This fee also applies to any time they spend “prepping” for a meeting…so in this case it really pays for them to be slow readers! If they get on a conference call that lasts ten minutes, boom, $800! That would be per Board member, not as a group. How much do YOU get paid an hour to help fill their wallets?

Secondly and even more distressing is that the BOD has hired two people as “Management in waiting”.  This was apparently effective as of early May. Their salary? You’d better sit down. These two people are getting paid north of $200,000.00 per month!!!! That’s right 200 large per month EACH! To sit at home and wait for the phone to ring. At these rates it is obvious that they are set to become top level executives. We hear that they had to grab these two people before some other company grabbed them. They must be exceptionally talented if we had to pay them an obscene amount to keep them on retainer at 200k per month. So let’s see how good they are.

James Gooch, lives in Minnesota and his latest claim to fame is he was the CEO of Radio Shack, the same Radio Shack that has been closing stores left and right and is just about out of business. He must be good because Radio Shack’s stock took a major nosedive during his tenure at the helm.

Felicia Thornton, lives in Oregon she at least has some supermarket experience, a short tenure at Kroger (good company) and then at Albertson’s (can you say Shaw’s? Same company). Latest job though was at Nordstrom and then she has been unemployed for the past 2-3 years.

Those of you that love to and do a fine job of research for WAMB may be able to dig up some more detailed information, have at it!

So you can see how quickly the BOD had to act to snap up these two individuals before some other company did. We are sure these two individuals are fine people and hey if someone offered us 200 thousand a month to sit at home we would jump at it and laugh all the way to the bank. What is important, and apparently the only thing that matters, is that they have MBA after their name (means More Bad Advice). Well all 25,000 of us have TAD and ATD after our names and that means so much more than MBA to us and our customers.

All of this money being handed out in salary to the BOD and the two new hires is disgusting. Add onto this that Bill Marsden and Joe Rockwell are still having their wages withheld from six months ago and it becomes downright criminal. We know many of you were hoping for the June bonus that has been customary and we can’t shed any light on that subject other than you can bet that ATD is fighting to get it for us and if we don’t get it and we are paying these people we don’t even know obscene amounts of cash to do nothing it stinks to high heaven.

We now have two executives in waiting and we hear the BOD is still looking for a CEO to replace ATD. Our message to the BOD, if you are really hell bent on destroying this company, and it appears you are, there are two top notch candidates for CEO still on the open market: The former CEOs of Circuit City and Linens N Things. They don’t have any knowledge of how a supermarket runs but  neither do you guys. This shows in high definition what we have always known to be true: ASD understands that loyalty is something you buy and not something that you earn. Loyalty is what Bill Marsden and Joe Rockwell have shown, working every day for six months for no pay.

We don’t know about you but our culture requires promotion from within and if these people come in and try to tell us how to do our jobs we think our stock answer should be “when ATD tells me to do that then I will do that because he and other executives that came up through the ranks are the only people we are gonna listen to, sorry James and Felicia.”

So to all of you store managers, assistant managers, department heads, full timers, part timers, warehouse selectors, truck drivers, administrative assistants and every single one of us that makes our company the envy of the industry, we have one question for you: what’s in your wallet? Bet it’s not 200 large a month.

As always, We are one with you and together WE ARE MARKET BASKET. Forever loyal to ATD.