Well, after reading all of these posts, I’m sure people wouldn’t mind reading another story?! So my name is Josh Riopelle. I worked at Market Basket for over 10 years. I was an Assistant Front End Manager in Store #48. I started out as a sacker at the age of 15. A big thanks to my Mom for getting me the job and Mr. Kanavas for giving me the chance.On a quick personal note before I get started, MB changed my life in ways that I never thought would happen. I was able to develop leadership skills, lasting friendships, camaraderie, professional working skills, enhance my public speaking skills, learn all about customer service and of course, I was able to teach myself how to do the schedule and did it for nearly 4 years while up front. (Yes I had to throw that in there!!)

I’ve been out of MB for over four years now. Since then, I’ve worked for a few other companies. Subsequently, I’ve had the opportunity to experience what it’s like working for companies not named Market Basket and different CEO’s as well. I might be only 29, but throughout my firsthand and secondhand experiences, I honestly have never seen a company exhibit such a successful business model whole optimizing customer service to its fullest. It starts from the CEO and flows all the way down to the newest sacker. This company is all about its customers and always will be. That’s its focal point.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Arthur T Demoulas, but I am in complete awe of what he’s accomplished. Can anyone off the top of their head name a company who has a CEO that provides job security, great benefits, generous, (very generous) salaries, internal promotions only, expands and builds new stores every year which helps out the economy by creating jobs, and to top it all off, gives customers a discount on their already low prices for a whole year?!

That’s right, I didn’t think so.

Being a grad student, I’ve studied numerous companies across the world that try to implement a successful business strategy. I have yet to find one company that measures up to Market Basket and its CEO, Mr. Demoulas. I can’t tell you how hard it is for a company to try and reach the success that Mr. Demoulas and the rest of the company has achieved.

My message to the BOD is this: In a world that is filled with so much wrong, corruption, hate, and conflict, please don’t change one of the few good things going in today’s world. Mr. Demoulas has created an empire that epitomizes success. From customers to employees, there are literally tens of thousands of people that are thriving because of this company. To the selected few individuals who want to make a change you need to ask yourself, “Do you really want to make a decision that will affect tens of thousands of people from employees, to families, to customers, and even to kids, in the New England Area just so you can add a little bit more green to your wallet?” If you want more green, then go buy some limes or cucumbers. I hear MB has a great produce!

All jokes asisde. Please, if it’s not broke, why fix it? Because once you break it, it’s so hard to restore what you once had. Sometimes you don’t realize what you had until its gone. I truly hope that you never let it get to that point.

Thank you Mr. Demoulas for everything you have done. In my eyes and I’m sure many more as well, you’re the standard as to how a CEO, a leader, and a man should be and to how a company should be run.

Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working!


Josh Riopelle
10 Years of Service
Assistant Front End Manager, Store #48