Guest post, Scott Gauthier Asst Store Director Ashland

My name is Scott Gauthier. I am an Assistant Store Director in Ashland #46. I am not as eloquent a speaker or writer as many of the posters on here. My story is similar to most. I started as a grocery/sacker when I was 16. I worked my way up learning all the departments in my store. From produce, dairy, to eventually cutting meat, learning and balancing the service desk, though it was not with Market Basket. I previously worked for a small chain with 3 stores in Rhode Island. Being in a small chain I got to know the owners well and they me. In March it will be 13 years since I made the second biggest decision of my life to that point. I decided to leave my position as a Store Director and start a new chapter of my life with Market Basket. I was hired in Bellingham by Steve Economou. During my interview he told about the company and its commitment to customer service and the associates that worked here. It was a perfect fit for me. The first supervisor I met was Mr. Foucher. After welcoming me here we had a short conversation and in that conversation he told me and I quote “Its Not Rocket Science!” How many times have we heard that. It is nothing but the truth.

Provide great customer service, good pricing, have a neat and clean store, a friendly place for them to shop, and take care of the people that take care of your customers. A+B+C+D+E= $ in the shareholders pockets. “It’s Not Rocket Science!”

I had met Mr. Demoulas a few times when I was in #54 but a moment sticks out to me when I was working in Reading a few weeks after it opened. He came in and when I spoke to him he asked me how everthing in Bellingham was going and how my wife and new son were doing. I though to myself wow, with all the people in this company and it had been about six months since I saw him and he remembered that. We are a family of 72 stores with small chain feel.

I made the right decision 13 years ago and I am and always will be behind Mr. A. T. Demoulas. To the board, take off the restraints and let him run this company and the pockets you are trying to fill will be filled. “It’s Not Rocket Science!”

Thank you for your time.
Scott Gauthier
#46 Ashland

Guest post, Kent Werner Store Director Billerica

“Thank you Kent for adding your voice through your 41 years of experience to the thousands that know this Board is bad for associates, customers, vendors and the communities we serve.”

My name is Kent Werner. I am proud to say I am manager of store #7 in Billerica, MA. I don’t usually use Facebook, but I felt compelled to write given the events that have taken place since the summer. !

I started working as bagger on September 5th 1972. 41 years later, I’m still here. Through out my proud career, with the guidance of store managers, assistant managers and our headquarters, I was shown that honest and hard work pays off. I was expected to do the best I could and to put the customers first. All of which has been made that much easier under the guidance and direction of Arthur T. Demoulas.!

In my opinion, Arthur T. Demoulas has done a remarkable job running this company, as his father did before him. Under his direction, we as a company have seen incredible growth and beautiful remodels of existing stores. By doing so, we have been able to continue to offer our loyal customers bigger selections while keeping our prices low. Growth had also allowed us to hire many new associates, giving them the opportunity to provide their families with a better life and to guide new associates toward successful careers at Market Basket.!

What other company has a CEO who will stop in the store parking a lot and help a customer load groceries into their car? What other CEO knows your name, your wife’s name and your children’s names and genuinely cares how you and your family are doing? What other CEO spends time in the stores speaking with associates and talking to customers asking how we can serve them better? I know of NONE. Arthur T. Demoulas does it because it’s the right thing to do.!

Arthur T. Demoulas has the knowledge and the passion that it takes to run this company. His record of successful growth, happy associates and happy loyal customers speaks for itself. !
I am proud to say that most of what I have today I have because of Arthur T. Demoulas, this great company he has maintained and my wife, who started with the company herself 39 years ago.I come to work everyday to take care of the customers, who with their continued loyalty, take care of the company. I do this because I am proud to call myself an associate of Market Basket. I also do this because Arthur T. Demoulas and this company have taught me it’s the right thing to do.!

Board of Directors, please let Arthur T. Demoulas continue to lead this company in the positive and successful direction he has been. Under his leadership we as a company will continue to prosper. From the shareholders to the associates to the communities in which we server our loyal customers. !

Leaving Arthur T. Demoulas as CEO is not only in the best interest of all of these things, it it the right thing to do. !

Proud Bagger to Proud Store Manager.!

Kent Werner!

Guest post, James McGrath Grocery Manager Hudson

  • My association with Market Basket began as a sacker at Tewksbury #8. I have served the company for 12 years in two stints spanning 16 years and I am currently the Grocery Manager in Hudson, NH. I left the company for a while. It took four years away to finally realize how much I loved this company. Very early on in my Market Basket journey, values of hard work, loyalty, and respect were instilled in me first by guys like Kevin Feole, Jamie Cuneen, and Dan Riley, and later on by, Ron Leureaux, Bob O’Conner, Joe Whelan, and Marty Maguire. Market Basket expects much from us. We sacrifice time with our families working long hours and weekends. The Holidays are often a blur. I often joke that I see my coworkers more than my own family. With this being said, I have expectations too. Respect is a two way street. I work the long hours and sacrifice time with my family because I know Artie Demoulas, Senior Management, and the rest of my fellow associates are all making the same sacrifices. We’re compensated really well too. Our very generous compensation, and don’t think for a moment that I take that generosity for granted, makes it that much easier to push forward and go the extra mile and meet our often lofty goals because I know that, in the end, the company is going to reward us for all the hard work and sacrifice. I’ve heard it said that there is no loyalty in business. It’s all about the bottom line and share holder profits. I love that Market Basket is different. We’re all in this together. We’re all making money, associate and shareholder alike. That is how it had always been.
    As you all know, that all changed over this past summer. Until last July, most of us didn’t even know that there was a Board to be reckoned with. There was only one Boss, Arthur T. Demoulas, and we were perfectly content with that. Times were good. Market Basket was expanding with new stores and major remodels. Customers were coming in droves, people were newly employed, promotions were happening left and right, bonuses were being paid with much fanfare, the company was sharing with its associates, and everybody involved was benefitting from the direction Arthur T. Demoulas was taking us. Then the sh__ hit the fan, so to speak. Late one night, I read an article on stating that the board was going to fire CEO Arthur T. Demoulas over reckless spending and some questionable real estate deals. My first reaction was…WTF? The company is making money hand over fist. Our competitors absolutely fear us. This is crazy! Then it hit me, RECKLESS SPENDING! Plain and simple, they were after our bonuses and profit sharing. Not only that, the board was trying to use Artie’s generosity against him. I texted my Store Director, Marty Maguire, the link to gauge his reaction. The reaction from everyone I talked to was all around shock.
    The next morning I texted my best bud, Andy, to get his thoughts. He’s a former MB associate whom I grew up working with all through out high school and college at store #8. He works for an internet marketing firm specializing in social media and I suspected that he would have some ideas about how to get the word out and round up some support to counter what the board was doing. A half hour later, he texted me back with a link to I immediately called him and asked, “Is this you? Did you do this?”. He replied, “Yeah, it took me like ten minutes to do. The guys around the office don’t think I’ll even get ten likes…But this thing is big!”. Needless to say, there were over 8,000 likes by the end of the week and over 12,000 likes in total. That should be a lesson to the board. Never count us out! We are a force to be reckoned with as well. All that week was spent fundraising to help pay for signs to be printed, organizing a rally outside Tewksbury #8, and contacting local media outlets to gather awareness of the coming rally outside the board meeting in Andover. You all know the out come of that week but that was just the beginning.
    In the aftermath of that week, Andy said to me: “You know this isn’t over, right? It may never be over.” My thought at the time was that we won because Artie was still the Boss. Now that 6 months have passed, I think I better understand our situation. I have a feeling that this all ends when we finally lose our momentum and say: “What’s to worry? We still have our jobs, our bonuses, our profit sharing, and Artie’s still the Boss. Why are we still fighting?”. Arthur S. and his supporters on the board are waiting for just that moment. This is when our worst fears will become reality. Arthur S. and his backers will swoop in, give Artie the boot, and begin to chip away at our livelihoods just so they can fatten their wallets. This is why we must continue to fight on. We must shout out our support for Artie to anyone and everyone who will listen. I’m not sure about the rest of you but, Arthur T. Demoulas’ name is all over everything I own. His name is all over that beautiful dream home I bought a year and a half ago. If they take our bonuses away I’ll have to pack up and move. We’ve got a lot riding on this. I heard this past week that two members of senior management never received their December bonuses. That’s just the beginning. The board has now set a precedent. It’s only a matter of time before things like this begin to trickle down to store level. I encourage you all to remain vocal in your support of Arthur T. Demoulas and his vision for Market Basket. And to the members of the board, I plead with you to let Arthur T. lead this company without restraint because, if you do, he’ll make believers out of you as well.

    James McGrath
    Proud Associate of 12 years

Guest post, Fred Whitton Store Director Billerica

“Well respected by all, Fred Whitton is usually soft spoken but his words here on this post speak volumes. Thank you Fred.”
My name is Fred Whitton and I have been a Market  Basket associate for 42 years, 21 as a store director. After reading the letters of my fellow associates I find my situation to be very similar if not identical to theirs. For this reason I will not chronicle my career path as Continue Reading

Guest post, Susan Turgeon Bakery Manager Seabrook

  • My name is Susan Turgeon, and I am the bakery manager in Store 30.. I’ll be quite honest I feel kind of silly writing. Unlike most of the people writing I have been with the company not even 4 years. I don’t have any special stories, but what I do have is loyalty and pride to work for this great company. You are rewarded for hard work and dedication. I feel great when Artie T. comes into our store, he doesn’t forget to talk to anyone whether it be management, full time, part time, cashiers or baggers. He cares about us all and it is so obvious when you talk to him. I am proud, dedicated and loyal!!! I support Artie T. And stand by him and this great company!!! I ask you, how can 25,000 plus people be wrong?? Thank You, Susan Turgeon.. Bakery Manager, Store 30

Guest Post, Jerry Rourke, Store Director

My name is Jerry Rourke and my story is the same as everyone else who has posted. I started as a sacker in 1975 in Tewksbury #8. I was offered a full time position when Wood St. #19 opened. I had to meetContinue Reading

Guest post, Tim Lambert son of Ron Lambert

“Tim Lambert is the son of Ron Lambert, Store Director in Hudson, MA. Tim grew up as the son of a Market Basket manager and he also spent 8 years working part time in three different stores while completing his education. Tim’s words here could have been written by countless other children of Market Basket associates, thanks Tim.”

As the son of Ron Lambert, and a former Market Basket Employee (8 years), I agree 100% with my father’s dissatisfaction towards the recent decisions made by this company’s board of Directors. I can only echo his response.

Furthermore, I am devastated Continue Reading

Guest post, Chris Panogoulias Store Director Nashua

“Chris has been with our Company for 46 years and is our “Patriarch of Store Directors”.  Chris has managed many stores over the span of his career but his proudest moment was being the only Store Director to open the same store twice. Chris opened the original #43 and then the new bigger and expanded #43 this past June. Thank you for speaking out Chris.”

My name is Chris Panagoulias. Forty six years ago in July 1967,I went for an interview at our then headquarters in Chelmsford Ma. I was interviewed and hired by George DeMoulas the brother of T.A. DeMoulas and the father of Arthur S. Little did I know that would be the beginningContinue Reading

Guest post, Jamie Cunneen Asst Store Director 25 years

Over the past months, I have been reading the experiences of my fellow associates, and now more than ever do you realize how similar we all are. Cut from the same cloth. It amazes me. The fact that I am a part of such an incredible family, humbles me.  Sometimes  I forget how lucky I am.

When I made the trip into Store #10 in the fall of ’88, there was no way of knowing that day would alter my life forever. You see, at the age of 15, you just don’t see these things coming. But 25 years later, it is clear to me that I have been shaped and molded by the finest. Not only about the grocery business, but about life. And for this, I say thank you. Thank you to TA DeMoulas (the Boss), AT DeMoulas (also The Boss), Bill Marsden, Joe Rockwell, Tom Gordon, Tom Trainor and countless others that have given me the opportunity, and their time and wisdom, to become what I am today:

A success in life; a proud Father of two beautiful girls.  A success in my chosen industry; I am the assistant store director of the busiest supermarket in the country, the Chelsea Market Basket, Store # 32. I couldn’t be prouder of both. How many people can say this about a company? That they truly attribute all they have, all they have learned, from their job? Except for my fellow associates, no one that I know. That, in its self, is what makes this company worth fighting for. That is why we will follow our leader, Arthur T DeMoulas to the ends of the earth. That is why this is OUR company.

What people, especially three in particular, do not realize is that this is not just a 9-5 job. We don’t just “punch the clock”.  This is who we are. This Company is US, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will never be swayed. Our resolve will only get stronger. Our allegiance, to one man, ATD, will forever remain. And this is why we will not lose. We are a family. We are MB. Thank you, Mr D, for letting me be a part of this.
Jamie Cunneen
25 years

Guest post, Dan Riley Store Director Tewksbury

My name is Dan Riley and I am the Store Director of Tewksbury 8. I am proud to say that I have worked for Market Basket for over 25 years. Those of you who know me understand that I am a private person and that my world revolves around my family and my job.

Let me start by saying that I fully support Arthur T Demoulas. Up to this point I have just been in the background as far as social media is concerned. I keep up to date with this website, reading it daily. I went to the rallies in Andover, Waltham and Boston in support of Mr. D. I amContinue Reading