You have kept the Wolves at Bay Again!

Today’s Board meeting has come and gone and the only thing we know for certain is that Arthur T. Demoulas is still our President and CEO.

Think about that for a second. The Board wants to fire him, and has wanted to fire him since last June. Arthur S wants to fire him. Fotene, Diana and Rafaela want to fire him.

The only reason that they have not is YOU.

Let the enormity of that sink in.

This is a multi-billion dollar company and you have prevented the people at the top from making an epically stupid move. You have stood up and flexed your muscle and these people have taken heed that you must be reckoned with. In the midst of all this uncertainty it is a wonderful, empowering feeling, isn’t it? Things like this don’t happen in today’s corporate world and hopefully that world will take notice of what is happening here, for this is a story that needs to be told.

Go to bed tonight knowing that you saved Arthur’s job again today. You have allowed him to fight for us another day. You have much to be proud of and should know that it is appreciated by thousands of others.

There is still much work to do but WE can accomplish anything! The “A” shareholders an their puppet BOD think of you as a number and they think of the bottom line only, they could care less about you and the other stakeholders of Market Basket. Let us all think of a way to get their attention, we have made a difference but our work is far from done. Keep that edge and remain vigilant. ATD needs you and our company needs you.

Thank You!

We, Together, Are Market Basket

As we hear more news from the meeting we will inform you as always, the good, the bad and the ugly. We won’t sugar coat it and we won’t lie or misinform you.

Give Them Hell ATD, Bill & Terry You have 25,000 Marching with You

 Let’s put aside the latest setback in the court and focus on what we know to be true:

There is not an ounce of independence in the “Independent” directors.

They have marching orders to enhance shareholder value in all aspects of the company. They will do this by raising prices, taking on debt, drawing regular distributions of profits to shareholders and selling off assets probably in the form of real estate holdings.

They will alter the Profit Sharing plan and bonuses.

They will alter compensation so that it is in line with what other companies pay.

They will surely change our health care program to one that is more “profitable” to the shareholders.

They will fire Arthur T. Demoulas and his executive team at some point.

They will destroy this company.

They certainly would argue with us that they are not looking to do any of these things, but we have ruled them to be guilty on all counts.  They will misinform us, they will outright lie to us, they will disrespect us and they will continue their pillage through our company despite what they say or what their BS website says. How do we know these things? Because that is all they have done for eight months and if we think they are going to have a sudden change of heart we are fooling ourselves.

There is one huge factor that they neither accounted for nor can they do anything about and that is the people, the stakeholders of Market Basket, the associates, customers, vendors and contractors that all make their living or save money by shopping and working at Market Basket. We are a company that has never had a reason for a union because unions, in almost all cases, are formed to protect workers from management taking advantage of them. We, however, have a different kind of union that doesn’t exist anywhere else that we are aware of. We don’t pay dues and we don’t slam management. We are simply stakeholders of Market Basket that will mobilize, if needed,  to support the current management of our company and the current status quo of our associates compensation and benefits. We know with ATD at the helm, unshackled, we will continue to prosper.

We all feel comfort that despite being handcuffed, ATD is still in the CEO chair and still fighting for us every step of the way. What happens if he and his executive team is fired? The BOD will bring in an executive team from the outside (this team is probably already in place to take over) that doesn’t know us or our culture and they will become the “A” shareholders and BOD puppets to do all of things mentioned above.

We cannot allow this to happen and if it does we need to be ready to react immediately. If you have a twitter account please follow @WeAreMBasket, if you don’t have a twitter account we suggest you sign up for one, it’s free and follow our twitter account. We will use this twitter account to update everyone following us about critical developments and to keep you informed and updated as quickly as possible.

United with ATD We Stand, say your prayers and keep your fingers crossed tomorrow, none of us wants to do what this Board may force us to do, be it tomorrow or anytime in the future.

We, Together, Are Market Basket

Letter from Joe Garon to the “A” Shareholders

“The following is a letter written by Joe Garon, Grocery Buyer, to the “A” shareholders. Thank you Joe for taking the time to write a well thought out, passionate, respectful letter to them. Let’s hope they start to listen to the wisdom of leaders like you.”

Dear “A” Shareholders (Fotene, Diana, Rafaela, Vanessa),

I ask for your help in righting the ship. You ladies have the power and responsibility to stop what’s happening and the detrimental effect this has on the 25,000 associates who labor for you and the million plus customers who choose to leave their hard earned cash in your accounts. This was a well oiled machine until you gave control to Arthur S.

I am sure you have some concerns, but I’m also sure if you sat down with Arthur T, they can be resolved to your satisfaction. This dysfunction is hurting your company, it tarnishes our reputation with customers and suppliers that has taken years to get where it is today. We are the envy of our competition and the pride of every associate.

Please use your position and take the handcuffs off Arthur T. There is only one leader we can follow! Together you can make us a stronger and better company!

Joe Garon
(48 years of loyal service)

“Where there is unity there is always victory.”–Publilius Syrus

As a group, Market Basket associates are a loyal, hardworking, dedicated and disciplined collection of people from all walks of life. We love our jobs, love to go to work and we are proud to work for Market Basket and work with ATD. We have come up through the ranks from the bottom so our management associates have done every job in the store and it is not unexpected to see a Store Director bagging a customer’s groceries or a Department Head sweeping the floor. These are Continue Reading

Judge Fabricant Decision

Just heard that Judge Fabricant has ruled against us, shocking, we know. Not sure what happens now but we can certainly appeal the decision. This really wasn’t a surprise since Judge Fabricant let her feelings be known on this during the last case she ruled on regarding the distribution back in the fall. What is a bit surprising is the length of time she took, four weeks instead of the two she said, and the timing of the decision. For Judge Fabricant to rule in our favor she would have had to say she was wrong the last time.

Disheartening for sure, but we cannot rely on the justice system, and for us to think that we will win this fight in the courts is a wildly optimistic hope. The ONLY way this is going to go our way is for us, the PEOPLE, to rise up and win it in the stores and the warehouses. No Judge, Board or shareholder can control us.

We, Together, Are Market Basket

Board Meeting, Thursday, 2/27

Through various sources we are piecing together Thursday’s agenda and to the surprise of nobody, the A Shareholders and their Board of mercenaries have filled it with items designed to further enrich themselves, hurt the associates and make Arthur T jump through hoops.

Continue Reading

The Week Ahead

Big week ahead after two months of relative quiet.  There is a board meeting on Thursday and we should be hearing soon on two big court decisions. It is time for us to sharpen our edge and hone our focus; get ready to have your voice heard. Understand that ATD will be on the offensive as he tries to remove the handcuffs that have been put on him by the Board and the “A” shareholders. As he fights, we need to stand alongside and push as hard as we can to let them know we are standing tall with him. He’s got our back and we have his. Together we fight. Together we win.Continue Reading

Guest post, Erica Garvey POS Coordinator Londonderry

My name is Erica Garvey and I am the pos coordinator at Londonderry # 42.  Little did I know on that fateful day 31 years ago when on a when I filled out an application at Salem 6 Demoulas that I was starting my career path.  I started at the front end as a cashier finishing high school and then started college working school breaks and weekends.  As the years progressed I moved from the check-out to grocery.  I had the privilege of working with many talented, hardworking people who always willing to help me and teach me.  By 1987 I was asked by my then Store Director Ron Lambert if I wanted to do bread full-time.  Taking a break from school, I decided to go for it. It was the best decision of my life. Today in this uncertain economy where many of my friends and family wonder if they will have a job tomorrow I have a job that I love!  How many people can say that!  Out of a personal challenge to myself I did complete my four year degree but I have never had any inclination to leave my job.

During the late eighties we as a company started scanning at the registers.   I would help on Sundays with the new price change process.  When the Londonderry store opened in 1988 I was given the opportunity to go there as the POS coordinator and have been there ever since.  A few years later I was asked if I would help out at the new store 58. Sure I said.  Over the last several years I have assisted in the opening of all of our newer stores and some of the remodel stores.  Getting a new store ready is a lot of work but is so rewarding.  At every opening I learn something new to bring back to my store. I have also developed great friendships with many of my POS colleagues from other stores. We work together as a team during openings and I can rely on them when I am back at my own store and I have a problem.  I have been to most of the grand openings and the electricity that is in the air cannot be described.  It must be experienced.  There is a joyous atmosphere that is shared by both associates and customers.  I have had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Arthur T Demoulas at many of these openings and he has always been so gracious and thankful to me and our team for another job well done.

One of the events that occur at grand openings is the ceremonial ribbon cutting.  With all the openings I had attended I had never seen one. When we were getting the new #42 ready to go I made myself a promise not to miss this one. In the days just prior to the opening though, this was the last thing on my mind since I was not only helping at the new store but trying to do things at the old store as well.  I spent many a day running between two stores.  Two days before the opening my store director Mark Lemieux told me that Mr. D wanted all of the employees that had been at the Londonderry store since its opening in 1988 to participate in the ribbon ceremony.  That included myself, Pam Fliger from the meat dept. Marilyn Eddy from the bakery and Virginia Grivois from the check-out.

June 5, 2011 was our grand opening day.  Mr. Lemieux wanted us outside in front of the store at nine am.  By this time all of the registers were open and lines were beginning to back up.  We assembled outside and awaited Mr. D’s arrival.  Knowing just how busy it was getting inside made all of us very anxious to get back to it.  After about ten minutes Mr. Lemieux who was biting at the bit by this time pulled out his cutter and cut that ribbon.  Just then Mr. D came out.  Mr. Lemieux was handed the ceremonial scissors and we reassembled behind the ribbon with Mr. Lemieux holding it together between two fingers.  This is the part where it gets interesting.  Mr. D brings Marilyn who is a part time bakery clerk from the back of the group and has her hold the ribbon for Gale Hale the office manager to cut. This small gesture speaks volumes.  Not only did Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas want to include the long standing employees of the Londonderry store in the ribbon cutting he showed that a part time bakery associate was just as important as a Store Director. He showed in this action what we have all have been saying for the past eight months that we are a united family.  I am blessed to be a part of this family with Arthur T Demoulas as our CEO.  Market Basket Strong!!

Guest post, Mike Desmond Asst Store Director Portsmouth

When I reflect upon where I began and where I am at this point of my life. I know how fortunate I am to be working for the Demoulas family, specifically Arthur. I have been employed by the Demoulas family for 34 years. I spent my first 6 years working at Indian Ridge Country Club as a waiter. I waited on all supervision and family members back then. I saw the personal side of each supervisor or family member as they relaxed out to eat with their spouse or family. Mr.T.A. Demoulas once told me to get a haircut cause I looked like a girl. Believe those were the days of the mullet! My favorite people to wait on were Julien Lacourse and his wife, Mr. Rockwell and his wife Judy. Two people that emulated respect for the average worker.

My life was in a turmoil back then. I owe a debt of gratitude towards Mr. Rockwell and his wife for persistently asking me to come work for Demoulas Market Basket back then. Here I am 28 years later working as the Assistant Store Director at the Portsmouth Market Basket #56! I love my work! The passion for success and hard work instilled in the Demoulas family for generations has been instilled in me as well. Look at how many of us have so many years under our belt along with our own children!

My first formal meeting with Mr. T.A. Demoulas occurred in the late 80′s when I was requesting money from my profit sharing account. My mother had just passed and I did not want to burden my father with a loan. Mr. Demoulas had first refused my request. He said he had given extra money out to employees from their profit sharing account, only to see them leave shortly there after. I understood where he was coming from. He had know idea who I was sitting across from him. As our conversation continued I mentioned that he knew my dad. At that point my whole story was true and he offered me the help I needed to purchase my first home. I realized i was working for a man who truly considered each employee a part of the Demoulas Market Basket Family!

I’ll never forget another day when I was transferred from one store to another by Mr. Demoulas. I walked into the Tewksbury #8 store up into the office, Mr. Rockwell and the store manager were waiting for me. Mr. Rockwell said this man is going to train you the Market Basket way. Mr. Trainor was the store manager and for the next six months I walked in and there was a shelf talker handed to me every morning with what I had to correct from the previous day. Credit Mr. Trainor for teaching me the philosophies and passion that he has learned from his predecessors.

Fast forward, now that I work for Arthur T., I see the same passion and love for his work. I believe Arthur is even more driven than his father. He motivates and encourages us to work even harder. It was exciting to work for the company in the 80′s when we were expanding. Seeing Arthur accomplishing so much now gives us the same feeling. He is creating new jobs, expanding our company beyond reaches we ever thought!

My father passed away four years ago. During my father’s wake Arthur walks in to pay his respects on this Sunday evening. He did not know my father personally, but, because his own dad had known and respected my father he was there to offer support. I was in shock that this man took time out of his busy life to comfort my family during this difficult time. He not only payed his respects but stayed and talked with every member of my family, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, my children, grand kids… That kind gesture showed me what a great man I am working for. Truly, Arthur is a family man who wants the best for the people!

A few years ago I was at the grand opening of the Chelsea store with my wife at the time. I remember Arthur took the time to pull us aside to talk to us-not about business-but about our family. What CEO does that? Unfortunately I went through divorce after being married for 20 years, but through my divorce he has expressed his support and encouraged me to contact him if i ever needed anything he could help with. There aren’t many CEO’s that would do that!

Through my divorce my income and benefits that are afforded to me by Market Basket have helped my children continue to have a good life. Their lives were not drastically changed because of what Market Basket has afforded me. There are many rumors about impending changes that could prove devastating to many families of employees. Removing Arthur T. from his current position as CEO would affect many generations to come. Even though I went through some difficult times a few years ago, I have been able to “land on my feet” because of Arthur T. and what he does for his employees! If he is taken from our company, there will be serious implications for many families of this wonderful company he and his family have built.

Please consider the extent of the outcome if Arthur T. Demoulas is removed! I will always remain 100% in support of Arthur T. running our company!

Thank you all for your time and attention.

Michael Desmond
Assistant Store Director
Portsmouth 56


Guest post Dan Desfosses Store Director Tewksbury

“Thank you Dan for telling your story, while you may seem like your story is no different than anyone else each one is truly unique and just solidifies what a great man ATD is and what a great company we work for. Thank you for letting your voice be heard.”

My name is Dan Desfosses, store director Tewksbury Market Basket # 22.
I’ve been hesitant to post anything and its not from the lack of caring or concern I just felt that what can I say that hasn’t already been said. We all have similar stories and mine is no different. I started with Market Basket in 1980 and was hired by Dave Marsden for the grand opening of our Hudson # 33 to be a part time ends person.I, like so many others only thought of Market Basket as just Continue Reading