Guest post, Dean Joyce Tewksbury Distribution Center Manager

“Dean runs the Tewksbury Distribution Center, all of the grocery items in the company pass through this DC and Dean, along with his managers and crew has it running like a top. So many cases are delivered to and shipped through this DC that if it were to shut down the stores would be without dry goods within 10 days. Dean thank you for speaking out, we have heard from the stores but this is the first from any of our distribution centers.”

My name is Dean Joyce and I am the Manager of the grocery warehouse in Tewksbury. I have been a proud member of this outstanding team since 1981. The management team here in the warehouse has 240 years of experience with Market Basket. I am not big into social media but have to say a few things about about the crew that gets over 55 million cases, no not a misprint, 55 million cases this past year to our 71 stores, another record year. Also to the best driving crew that logged in over 5 million miles to get the deliveries to our stores.

We are a proud bunch that sticks together, we do not like the direction that OUR company is heading. When we have meetings telling our crew that we have over 300,000 cases to select and deliver today and we need to step it up to finish, they rise to the occasion. When we have a record week and need to work on Saturday to finish, it’s no problem, they step up and get it done. When we tell the drivers that we have 300 loads to deliver they get it done, we all work together as a team. On an extremely busy day I will grab an order and select alongside my guys, in my tie and dress shoes. Why do I do it, because like I have been taught, we are on team, no part better than the other. When we all work together we can accomplish anything.

I remember the bizarre event in July when the Board was trying to fire our boss ATD. I was on vacation but came into work because my team was concerned about what was going on. Everyone and I mean everyone wanted to be at the Wyndham Hotel in Andover to show support. The entire second shift showed up until they had to leave to go to work and the crew from the first shift came over on their lunch break. I wish all of you could have been at the Tewksbury warehouse that night when ATD showed up at 11:30 pm to a heroes welcome.

ATD is respected by all of us because of the way he respects each and every one of us. That admiration and respect that he gets from us is very heartfelt. To the Board of directors, all of you have been in business your whole careers. How can you not see the direction that we are going? A Company cannot run when it is fueled by hatred which is obvious. Our team here in the warehouse has a tremendous amount of pride working for such a great man and a great company which you do not want to disrupt. What we all do here for this company is pretty remarkable and we do it because we are a team working together. Please understand that we really are ONE and will continue to stand strong together for OUR great president and OUR great company.

Guest post, Chris Sturzo Store Director Rochester

“Guest post from Chris Sturzo, Store Director in Rochester #50 and one of our newer Store Directors but he is not new to our company.  Chris has been with the Company for 34 years and has worked his way to the top like the rest of us.  Thank you for speaking out Chris.”

I remember meeting Mr. DeMoulas and his son, Artie, in November 1979.  I was a 16 year old bagger working in the Tewksbury #8 store.  Mr. D and his son had just arrived and they were watching me help customers in the parking lot.  When I came in, I was called to the Courtesy Desk where Mr. D asked me what my name was.  He then introduced me to his son, Artie, and thanked me for helping his customers.  I know I was just a kid, but I thought that was the coolest thing, that the owner and his son would take the time to thank me!  It made me want to do it again and again.  I went fulltime in 1983 and went to work in the Chelsea store.  One day Mr. Rockwell came in and told me Artie T wanted to meet me in his new drug store in Lowell, MA.  I spent the day there and Artie asked me if I would like to work for him and help him run the store.  I agreed and after a short while I became the Store Manager.  I had the opportunity to work with some really great people in Lee Drug, including Artie’s sister, Karen.  We all worked together stocking shelves, unloading trucks, resetting sections, and helping customers.  While working with Artie and Karen, you would never know that they were the owners; they led by example.  They were hard working and caring, always putting the customer first.  Early one morning I was having breakfast at Friendly’s when Artie came in and decided to join me.  He sat down and we talked about everyday things with some business mixed in.  When we finished he thanked me for my work at the store and went to the office.  I was so blown away that the owner had just sat down and had breakfast with me!

From Lee Drug to present day Market Basket stores, I’ve seen ATD grow into a proven leader by developing and guiding this company in a very successful direction during a vey uncertain economy, taking care of his employees all the way.

I don’t know what ASD’s intention is with this company for the future.  He has clearly shown that he has no business sense or for that matter “no common sense”!  All I know is that he has greatly underestimated the loyalty that we have for our CEO. That kind of loyalty generates power that comes with 25,000 associates who are ready to do whatever it takes to save this company!

I’ve been to every rally and stand firmly behind our CEO, Arthur T. DeMoulas, and will stand united with my fellow coworkers until the end.

Chris Sturzo
34 Dedicated years to ATD
Store Director
Rochester, NH

Andy Heggarty, Store Director Lowell

“Andy is the Store Director of our Bridge Street Lowell, store #2, location. Andy has been an associate for 35 years and has been running the Bridge Street location for 9 years.  Andy guided his store and his entire plaza through an extensive and complicated major remodel a couple of years ago, the whole time continuing to keep his volume up and his customers serviced the Market Basket way.  Thank you Andy for putting into words what so many of us feel.”


My name is Andy Heggarty and I am the Store Director in Bridge Street,Lowell Massachusetts, the city where it all began. I talk to the loyal and faithful Customers every day and hear their stories of how long they’ve been shopping with us because of Arthur T. and his Dedication to our Community. I have been fortunate to be able to work for “One Great Company”my whole career (35 years) like most of my fellow Directors. It’s a privilege to be able to work with Great Leaders such as Mr. T.A.DeMoulas, his son Arthur T, Mr. Marsden, Mr.Rockwell, Mr.Miamis,  Tom and Tom, Dave and so many members of Upper Management that have made this company “what it is today”.

I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of Facebook, but when it is used like it has been, it’s been a great tool for all of us!! After reading some of the posts from Kevin, Terry, Marty, Al, Dora and many others, it really humbles you. Lets not forget Cindy; she made it easy for a lot of us when this all began earlier last year. Over the past 6 months our Company has been on ‘pins and needles’ because the so-called “Board of Directors” won’t let our LEADER and CEO (Arthur T.) run the Company the way it should be. When you have a man such as Arthur T. running our Company,  we have no worries because he always puts the Customers and the Employees before anyone else. This is one of the reasons that our Company has been so successful over the years. Our Company has so many Dedicated young men and women that want to move up the ranks like I, and many of my peers have had the opportunity to do so. I can only ask the Board of Directors to listen to us. Let us open these stores.We are a passionate, caring, group of individuals that wants what is best for our Company and our Customers.We will stand Together and fight for Arthur T. and this Great Company that we all believe in. I want to end by sharing this quote that I felt was appropriate.

“Take Pride in how far you have come,and have faith in how far you can go”.
Christian Larson

An Open Letter to Keith Cowan


Yesterday at Business Court, a hearing was held at which lawyers for the Board argued about Keith Cowan’s independence. This was a preliminary stage where both sides present their reasons for the judge, the Honorable Judith Fabricant, to either allow the case to move to discovery or to dismiss it. Discovery is big as it would open up the world of Mr. Cowan’s finances and correspondences, be they emails or phone records. We were there as the arguments unfolded and the most striking thing about it was the way in which Mr. Cowan carried himself. As for the hearing, the judge will take several weeks before rendering her decision in the matter. Below is an email that we are sending to him.Continue Reading

Guest post, Sue Rostosky Customer, Spouse & Former Associate

 “Sue Rostosky has been a frequent poster and commenter on WAMB and she has also helped quite a bit doing various research projects. Thanks for all you do Sue and thank you for your support, without you and many people like you WAMB would not be as successful as it has been.”  

 My name is Susan Rostosky, I am a longtime loyal customer, a former employee, the wife of and sister to two employees and friend to countless other employees and customers.  I have written here before and have commented on quite a few of the posts over the pastContinue Reading

Guest post, Brian Sansoucie Store Director Rowley

“Brian has been an associate for over 40 years and a veteran Store Director. Like other veteran Store Directors that have posted here Brian is highly respected by all. Thank you Brian for letting your voice be heard and for your leadership.”

My name is Brian Sansoucie and I am the Store Director at the Market Basket in Rowley, Massachusetts. I have recently begun my 41st year with Market Basket. I too began my career as a bagger as most of my fellow associates have, working diligently as we rose in rank. I chose to become a full time employee after attending college for a period of time. The best choice I could have made! In choosing Market Basket as my career choice I was fortunate to have met my wife, while she worked Continue Reading

Guest Post from Marc Poulin, Produce Manager, Store 73

hello we are market basket,

My name is Marc Poulin, I am the produce manager in the new Hudson MA store. I have been with Market Basket since I was 14. With 10 years in a company by the time I am 24 I feel a special pride in telling people I work for Market Basket. I know I’m not the only one that outside of work talks about work. I get home and text and talk with other people in the company about what went on at work almost Continue Reading

Guest post, Chuck Casassa Store Director Seabrook

“Chuck Casassa is a veteran of 38 years with 26 of those Directing a store. Chuck is one of many disciples of the late Vinnie Clancy and most of his career has been on the seacoast. Last year Chuck led his store through an extensive remodel that transformed his store into one of our newer models complete with expanded perishables, a Kitchen, Cafe and seating area. Thank you Chuck for speaking out.”

I will keep my personal history brief. I started working for DSM in 1975 when I was 14 years old, I have 38 years’ experience, 26 of them as a store manager. An employment record that I am extremely proud of but in our company is somewhat typical and ordinary. I have often felt that appealing to our Board of Directors to get to know us will not ever yield results because they are unable to. Outsiders never really grasp what we do, how we work, what we feel, and right now we are being directed by outsiders. I do not know them, they do not know me. Someone that I do know is Arthur T. Demoulas and I would like to state why he has my full support as CEO.

We work with a CEO that has his finger Continue Reading

Guest post, Eleanora Wynne Bakery Manager Rowley

My name is Eleanora Wynne, I’m the Bakery Manager in Rowley 49. I’ve been with the company for 10 years and have only been a manager for 1 year. I started my career as a cashier and quickly moved up to an assistant front end person in Newburyport. Moved to Haverhill in 2007 and transferred to store 9, where I was given the opportunity to go full time in the bakery in 2009, not knowing a thing about the department. My store manager at the time saw something in me I didn’t see, the ability to do anything I set out to. Thank you Mark Owens, because I now have a career which I strive to give my all to. I was promoted in Rowley in 2013 and from there I was placed in Haverhill 48 ( rivers edge) where I had the pleasure of working for another great leader Mr. Rourke as his Bakery manager. Now I have returned a year later to Rowley 49 as Mr. Sansoucie’s Bakery Manager, another great leader in this company. In the 10 years I’ve worked for Market Basket, I’ve worked for 5 different leaders and have worked with so many wonderful, knowledgeable associates, supervisors, managers and have made a lot of friends which have become like family over the years.
My 2 daughters also work for Market Basket and have since they turned 14 years old. My oldest is 21 and is in Haverhill 48 and my youngest who is going to be 18, is in Haverhill 9 (west gate plaza) both in the dairy dept. I’m proud to say and my husband services all our stores as an Electrician for L.C.E ( Lowell Central Electric) so we are a Market Basket family and wouldn’t have it any other way.
All of my accomplishments have not come over night and I hope the BOD doesn’t think theirs will either. It is a brand new year. Please take this time to get to know each and everyone of us including our most trusted leader, Mr. A.T. Demoulas and really see for yourself what we are all about and the wonderful things we have accomplished as a team under Artie T’s leadership. Sometimes change can be a good thing, but in the retail business, it could be devastating and in this case, I believe it would be. In order to get the kind of people we have today, working in our stores who cater to our customers like we do, you will need to start all over again with the proper training, which we have, the knowledge, which we have. And the respect which we have for our co-workers and customers as not only a team but a family. You won’t get this from just anyone, anywhere. This comes from working with these great leaders I spoke of, who learned from the best leader anyone could ask for, Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas. We work well as a team, a family, as we are right now! Something to think about as we go into the new year, together.
Thank you,
Eleanora Wynne
Bakery Manager #49

Guest post, Matthew Matson Store Director Portsmouth

“As Matt states he has been a frequent commenter on various FB posts.  Matt has been with the company for 40 years and his passion shows not only in this guest post but in his day to day interaction with customers and associates.  Thanks Matt for taking a stand and standing united with all of us.”


I have posted on Face Book many times,I have always encouraged all associates to respectfully
express yourself.Last summer I was drawn to a rally in support for ATD,although I have been
working  with the DeMoulas family for a few years I Continue Reading