Guest Post from Paul Gauthier, Store Director, Westford

“Paul has been with Market Basket for 43 years and is the Store Director of Westford. Highly respected for his hands on style and people skills Paul has excelled at managing our smaller format stores where the job is often more difficult than the big stores. Thanks for speaking out Paul.”

“The American Dream: a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward…mobility achieved through hard work.” – Wikipedia

My name is Paul Gauthier and I have forty-three years of service with Market Basket. Little did I know that on September 10, 1970, when I reported to work at Bridge Street Demoulas for my first day on the job that it was the beginning of my living the American Dream. I was a painfully shy sixteen-year-old high school student with a goal of working only long enough to make enough money to buy aContinue Reading

Guest post, Adam Pappastergion Front End Manager Lowell

I gave refrained from sending this in, as I felt that my story wasn’t that unique. I don’t have any remarkable stories that no one else has heard before, but I do have passion and pride for this Company that has made me the person I am today. I can no longer stay silent in this battle for Our Company.

I have worked for this company for over 10 years. I started as a sacker while a freshman in high school, at the age of 14. Ten years later, I am now a Front-End Manager. Had it not been for the leadership of Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas, and the knowledge and sincerity he has passedContinue Reading

Guest post, John Sevastis Store Director Fitchburg

“John Sevastis is a veteran Store Director and has been a very vocal force at rallies and on social media since July.  John’s no nonsense style comes out in this post, thank you John for everything you have done and for being a leader in this battle.”

What has happened since 7/18/13.

1.ASD complained that the company had to much cash on hand. 300 million went to shareholders.
2.Removed 2of 3 trustees of the profit sharing plan.
3.Fired the accounting firm we had for 60 Continue Reading

Guest post, Zach D’Alessandro Front End Manager Bellingham

  • Definition of union (n)
    [ ynyən ]
    1.act of joining together: the act of joining together people or things to form a whole
    2.result of joining together: a result of joining together people or things
    3.agreement: agreement or unity of interests or opinions

    Hi my name is Zachary D’Alessandro I am one of Two Front end Managers in Bellingham #54 an employee of market basket for 15 years. My father gave me a Market basket application shortly after my 14th birthday. When my father gave me that application he told me “your lifestyle exceeds your income” meaning it was time to start supporting myself. My father had been a union Laborer for General Motors and was laid off soon after starting a family. I watched my father Juggle 3 jobs to support a wife and three children through my entire childhood and early on in adulthood. I learned my work ethic and the value of hard work from my father. My father despite being laid off had always sworn by the union. As you read in the definition of “Union” a union is about togetherness and like interests. A union does not necessarily have to set up picket lines and strikes. Back to November of “98″ I filled out my Market Basket application, MR. Gordon’s interview was short and sweet and I started bagging groceries. My father the “union man” always told me that I worked for a good company before I fully understood the big picture. All through high school I worked for market basket and my father always made sure that I knew the company I worked for took care of me. I could drag this out but I’ll get to the point.

    Worker’s unions are looking out for the best interests (Health, Compensation, and Safety) of the workers. Personally I feel the necessity of a Union is sad. Can a corporation care some much about the bottom line that the workforce producing that bottom line can be sacrificed? As my full time career began in 2002 My father’s words became clear the “union man” saw that I worked for a family owned company that provided everything a union fights for thus eliminating the necessity for a union. What I know realize when “OUR” company is in danger is togetherness and like interests form our strength. We don’t need to go on strike or set up picket lines. Acting like a stereotypical union would disrupt business and upset our loyal customers. Causing our customers base to lose faith and consider shopping elsewhere would hurt Mr. A. T. Demoulas even more than A.S. has already. Bottom line for decades T.A. and A.T have run a company that has never required union interference because they put the employees first. When you take care of the Labor everything else falls into place. Mr. Arthur S. Demoulas we are stronger than any union that any corporation has ever dealt with. Please understand Arthur S. that your cousin and uncle have not only cared for there workforce but also their families (obviously something you will never understand).Please Preserve the “old way” of doing business it is lost in modern corporate America I’m sure Mr. Ron Weiner’s Modern corporate Philosophies of Bleeding businesses dry and moving on is very appealing to you Mr. Arthur S. just Remember if you kill Market Basket there wont be any amount of money or P.R. firm that could dig your reputation, integrity or Legacy out of the toilet. Thank you Mr. Trainor for Rallying the troops and every other Market Basket stakeholder for supporting the Arthur T. Demoulas.

    Zachary J. D’Alessandro
    Front End Manager #54
    P.S. Arthur S. Demoulas My father the “union Man” follows the news in his retirement anytime we talk hey says “the cousin is an a**hole”. How much are you paying the P.R. firm? If that is Public opinion then your wasting the company’s money. I believe that you have a fiduciary responsibility as a board member and need to reevaluate your spending.

Guest Post from Ron Lambert, Store Director, Store 73

“Ron has been a Store Director for 30 years and in the past few years Ron has opened new stores in Brockton, West Bridgewater and Hudson MA. Ron is a veteran highly respected by his team, peers and upper management. Thank you Ron for standing united with us and ATD.”

I am with you, all of my brother and sister directors and leaders! I also have 38 years of service and 30 as a store director. And like you all of you so far I have to let my conscience be my guide also. I can’t sit on the bench and not speak out anymore. I’ve worked too hard and too long to help build this company. I would do anything for our leader ATD. He is a true leader, an inspiration and a mentor for so many of us.
Continue Reading

Guest post, Bob Medeiros Produce Supervisor

My name is Bob Medeiros and I’ve worked for Market Basket for over 29 years.
Here is my story -
I was born in Portugal and came to the US with my family when I was 8 years old. I had a very hard time growing up in this country as I didn’t know how to speak English and my parents were having a hard time finding jobs. Much like many new immigrants, you can say we suffered in the beginning. Struggling my way through school, learning the language, helping my parents out as much as I could wasn’t a fun thing for a kid to go through, but we managed with the support of family.
When I turned 16 years old I heard about Market Basket opening down the street from my house. I filled out an application and went to see Mr. Joe Garon, the store manager, for a job interview. I was very nervous but he told me “Bob, I have 2 openings, one in the produce department or one bagging.” Bagging didn’t interest me at all and so I picked produce. My first week in the produce department, I met two sisters. The older one said that she could see me marrying her younger sister and when the time came she wanted to be the maid of honor. I did marry that younger sister 20 years ago, and her sister was in fact the maid of honor. You can say it worked out well for me – thanks to you, Mr. Garon!
I worked hard in the produce department and moved my way up. I was given an amazing opportunity as a very young produce manager at the old Chelsea Market Basket. I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with Mr. T.A. Demoulas at that time and, you can say, I got my Market Basket degree from the man himself. He was the Warren Buffet of grocery stores and I learned so much from him. He possessed the qualities we all strive for: integrity, respect, loyalty, his knowledge of merchandising and love for his family, just to name a few. Anyone who knew him, wanted to be just like him and emulate him in every way. He would ask me about my parents knowing that I came from the old country he would say, “Bob, one day you and I are going to go to the old country together!” and I would say “as long as you are paying for the trip, I’m in!” Well, Mr D. we never got to make that trip but I’ll never forget our journey together just the same. You taught me so much during that journey, and you, my father along with Market Basket helped to shape me to what I am today. Mr. T.A. is no longer with us but he left the same impact on others as well.
Every now and then when I hear Mr Artie T Demoulas speak, I swear in can hear Mr. T.A. Demoulas’ voice. I have never met a more amazing man who was loved, respected and appreciated by all Market Basket associates. Family is so important and this company is all about family. As a father of two teenagers, I am proud that my family (wife & kids) have all worked for the family business. My sister Laura also worked for Market Basket and married someone from the company as well. She tragically passed away at the age of 27 from a terminal disease and my family and I were devastated. I can’t tell you how the hundreds or perhaps thousands of Market Basket family members that waited for hours at the wake to support and comfort me and my family during one of the worst times of our lives. Where else would you get this kind of heart-warming support? Not in Wall Street, that’s for sure!
Market Basket stands out in the grocery store industry and anyone of its workers or customers can tell you that it is because of the leadership found in T.A. and now Artie T. Demoulas. Market Basket is embarking in a new journey and last month, the Lowell Sun named Arthur T. Demoulas as Man of Year. We could not agree more! Market Basket is made of 25,000 strong and we support Mr. Artie T. Demoulas as the leader for this era. We just ask that the members of the Board to please release his handcuffs and let the man do his job!
Thank you again Mr. Artie T. Demoulas for all you do! We support you every step of the way! With the greatest fondness and the deepest gratitude,
Bob Medeiros
Produce supervisor
29 years


Through the Market Basket Grapevine

We all work hard, we are all dedicated and loyal and we are all compensated based on our responsibilities and our seniority. We all receive bonuses and for part and full time hourly associates those bonuses are true bonuses from a grateful company but for salaried associates, those that are Department Head level and up, the bonuses received are part of our annual compensation. What would you do if you wereContinue Reading

Guest post, Dedra Twomey

“Dedra had originally sent this letter to the BOD back in July, since she received no response she asked us to put this up on the website and on Facebook.”

July 14, 2013


I am writing with the hopes that at least one of the current board members will take the time to explain how and why you would make such a crucial change so hastily. I have read several articles and from what I understand some of the board members have recently changed, so I ask that you please inform me. Having newly elected board members that are more than likely unfamiliar with the operations of such a successful business and then immediately firing the man that has held his corporation with such a stature. How exactly does it make sense to disrupt an already defined organization?


I am somewhat knowledgeable of how a board of directors functions however, only in a non-profit setting.  My understanding has always been that the board of directors are placed in their position to insure that any and all decisions made are in the best interest of the organization the directors are overseeing. I’m not sure if this is different when the members are paid for their position, as I have only known volunteer board members.


One of the most important questions I would like to see answered would be the liability of the new board members, if you are comfortable coming in and making all these changes that have potential to impact a countless amount of people will there even be one amongst you that will hold yourself accountable for even the slightest demise of the Market Basket we have all come to know and love?


I come from a very large family that are all members of one union or another, and I have always felt strongly that if you weren’t in a union chances were that your future would always be at risk because only a union made sure that each and every employee was protected and treated equally receiving all the benefits one would need now and in the future. Market Basket was the only company that I have known that changed my opinion. I have been astonished over the years when speaking to employees of MB and now knowing firsthand having not only my daughters, my niece, nephew, and several other family members working there how amazing they are treated.  I would drive miles and miles out of my way (if it was ever necessary) to shop at Market Basket for just that reason only.


I am forever promoting the company for every single thing they do. How they give so much back to the community, and the way every employee at all the stores that I have been to treat the customers with the utmost respect and courtesy always with a smile on their face. The mere fact they are so willing to employ people with disabilities providing them with a purpose and a feeling of independence enabling both them and their families to feel the pride and joy one receives when they are productive.


I will forever be thankful that when my kids got their first job it was at Market Basket. The job has taught them so much. It has built their confidence while opening their eyes to the world around them. It has made them appreciate and thankful for what they have as they have been exposed to so many that have far less. They know that if they work hard not only are they paid a decent wage but then surprisingly rewarded with bonuses. There are far too many amazing

things that Market Basket does on a daily basis that I could spend days going on about, but I am trying to keep it simple and make my point.


Dedra Twomey

I ask you will the new president walk into one of the 70 stores on any given day and approach one of the employees with a smile and handshake and thank them for the job they are doing leaving them amazed and delighted that he really cares.

Guest post, Mike Dunleavy Store Director Somerville

“Mike is a veteran Store Director, managing what is most likely the busiest store per square foot in the Northeast if not the country. Mike is highly respected by his associates, peers and upper management. Thank you for speaking your mind Mike.”

My name is Mike Dunleavy with 35 years of proud service, 16 years as Store Director.
I also came from a very humbling beginning; Dad was totally disabled since I was 7 years old from 5 back operations. Mom worked 3 waitress jobs to support Dad Continue Reading

Guest post, Tom Dumais Assistant Store Director

As I sit here on the eve of the 5 year anniversary of the Ice Storm of 2008, I reflect upon why Market Basket associates are the best in the industry. I recall going to work in the early hours of the morning to help cover refrigeration cases.  Mr. Trainor had already been to my store to assess the situation and was off to the next store that had lost power. We secured all the perishable items in the store while our upper management team coordinated refrigeration trucks to go to the stores without power. Our dedicated drivers worked extra hours to make sure all stores without power were delivered the needed trucks.  While this was going on, associates in the stores stepped up to work night crew to help secure a poorly lit building during the outage. We opened our stores to serve our communities so people could buy food, water, batteries and necessities, all while our competition closed its doors until their power was restored. The store I worked at was without power for almost 3 days, and we never missed a beat. When power was finally restored we worked as at team to restock the perishable departments. On this day there wasn’t a grocery department or a dairy department, it was just one store, one department, one team to do whatever was needed to get the job done. These are the things that set the Market Basket associates apart from others in our industry.

This newly elected board of directors doesn’t have a clue what they are up against. The Market Basket family stands as one, 25,000 strong! As I read the board’s website I can’t help but read between the lines. I don’t believe anything on the site. I don’t know you, how could I trust you? How can I trust the three independent board members that were picked by a man who has a personal vendetta against the greatest CEO in America?  Arthur T. Demoulas is the man I trust. He has the core values that make a great CEO. In a down economy, ATD has taken Market Basket to a new level. He has created thousands of jobs in new communities, offered low prices to help take the burden off of families, and at the same time has increased our customer base not only in the new communities but also in the ones we already were in. I would venture to say that Market Basket not only has the most loyal associates, but also the most loyal customers. Along the way in this down economy ATD has taken care of his associates by sharing the profits by giving extra bonuses (to every associate, not just management or upper management which most companies would do) and funding our profit sharing plan which is second to none. After sharing profits with the most loyal team in the industry there were still MILLIONS to distribute to the share holders. I for the life of me can’t understand why anyone would want to fire a man that deeply cares for his associates and his customers. He knows that if he takes care of his people, his people will take care of his customers, and we all know without customers we don’t have a business. I don’t see anything reckless about that!

I started at Market Basket as a 15 year old bagger, became a Dairy Clerk at 16. After high school I was offered a full time position in the Dairy Department, then on to Dairy Manager and kept going up to where I am today as an Assistant Store Manager. As the many posts pour in on social media, all are different stories but all have the same message.  LOYALTY!!  I stand with my fellow associates. I stand with Arthur T. Demoulas.

Tom Dumais 26 years of service
Assistant Manager #36