Guest Post from Corey Lemieux

My story is not unique by any means. I started over 12 years ago as a part-time sacker. I remember my first paycheck. $ 34.17. It seemed like a million bucks at the time. I worked 12 hours a week(Saturday and sunday) which was the max that a 14- 15 year old could work, so I could help my family put groceries into my house. Then going into grocery, ends, cleaning the floor at night. Pretty much anything to get the max hours(this was when I worked for you Cindy Whelan in good ‘ole 15). I learned A LOT about hard work and its rewards.
But my point is, I was offered an opportunity after high school. Not a just job, but a career path. Fast forward to today. Now I support my own family with this great job that I have had since high school. As I said earlier, my story is not unique. I have seen many hardworking, dedicated peers move up and accomplish great things within this company. That has always been a driving force for me. That MB creates opportunities for people, who otherwise who not have them.

To the Board of Directors…
Moving through this company, a sense of respect, loyalty and kinship long ago replaced my fear of my superiors. Simply because I know they are all on my team. The first time I met Mr. ATD he introduced himself as Artie. I apologized for my appearance( I had been putting away my load), but he waved it away with an apology himself. For interrupting my hard work. That’s when I realized that my superiors were not to be fear, but look up to and emulated. Board, when was the last time you felt fear? How about respect? Camaraderie? A sore back? The satisfaction of building a beautiful display. Do you have dozens of loyal customers that shop weekly and know you by name? Because this is what this company is about. Hard work and service. Stop the game and let us carry on our business!

Corey Lemieux
Badge number
12 years and counting

Letter to the Associates, Customers, Vendors and Friends

The attached is a letter written by ATD on December 19, 2013 to associates, customers, vendors and friends. We think this letter, more than anything else shows why we work so hard for this Company, why we are so loyal to this man and this Company and why we will never give up. You can control the Board but you will never control the people

Letter from ATD to the PEOPLE of MB

FAQ’s (translated WAMB style)

As promised here is our critique of the Board’s updated FAQ’s

Has the Board retained an executive search firm to identify a new President?

It is a Board’s responsibility, and our intention, to assure that both corporate succession planning and the identification and development of additional executive talent is an integral part of long-term planning. To fulfill this obligation, we have retained an executive search firm to assist in identifying qualified potential candidates from outside the organization. The search firm is not looking for a new President.”

They have finally confessed to hiring Spenser Stuart, the company to which they’ve paid over $300k. First of all they have outright lied to us from the day their website went live. Obviously Spencer Stuart was retained prior to that which is why they billed Continue Reading

Board Letter (translated WAMB style)

As promised this is our take on the BOD letter that was posted today on the BOD website.  Tomorrow we will address the updates to several FAQ’s on the Board’s site.

Paragraph 1:
“As the year draws to a close, the Board of Directors of Demoulas Super Markets takes this opportunity to reach out to all of you who are so much a part of our Company and thank you for your loyalty to Market Basket.”

We are loyal to Market Basket and Arthur T Demoulas, not you. Do not thank us for our loyalty, you have not earned that.  This is OUR Company not yours, you are blow ins.

Paragraph 2:
We recognize that the success of Market Basket is due to many people. We are particularly grateful to all the associates whose hard work and dedication over this past year resulted in outstanding service to customers and consistent delivery of Market Basket’s “More for Your Dollar” promise. We are also grateful to the manyContinue Reading

Babson’s Wayward Son

“The world needs new ideas, innovative solutions, and the visionary leaders who can make them happen. These leaders are entrepreneurs, and today’s most successful entrepreneurs are those who pursue both economic and social value—who create not only wealth, but also a wealth of opportunities for others. They can be found in all organizations of all types and sizes.”

The above quote was taken right from the Babson College website and is their strategy for educating their students.  We feel it is safe to say that Ron Weiner has strayed from this strategy as he seems to have little concern for social value and making opportunities forContinue Reading

Guest Post from Robin Jarvis, Assistant Store Manager, Store 34

Sometimes we forget that while things may seem quiet and calm there are battles that still wage.

While families are welcoming home family members I have to give a prayer to my daughter. Today my daughter, a Marine Sargent, deploys for places that I, her father, cannot be informed of nor do I know when she will return. This information I do not even know if she has been privy too. What I do know is she leaves behind her husband, also a Marine, 2 young children and a host of family and friends. When she returns I’ll be waiting for her with a special gift.Continue Reading

The Babson Network

As a personal example, my first job came from the roommate of a good friend of mine (and who is now also a good friend) from my university; my serious career inflection at PayPal came from a good friend from my university who co-founded the company. And your networks are not just the people you know and who know you; they are also they people that they know, and further the people that they know. -Reid Hoffman, 2012 Babson College Commencement Address


It is interesting to see that Babson College is playing such a large role in the unfolding story that we are a part of. Arthur S. is an alum. Ron Weiner is an alum and has held several posts with the college. Jerry Noonan is an alum as well. Continue Reading

$30 Million on the line Monday

“Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can’t deliver good service from unhappy employees.”–Tony Hsieh

This coming Monday the Board will be meeting again. This time they will be deciding if they are going to give ATD the remaining $12 million in bonuses and the extra 5% in profit sharing that he proposed. This comes just weeks after the Board voted to give the 9 shareholders a $300 million dividend payment. As you know ATD had proposed $56 million in bonuses and a 20% contribution of eligible wages to profit sharing participants. At the November 25th meeting the Board voted to give $44 million and a 15% contribution with the additional amount tabled until the December 16th meeting.

It is safe to say that ATD wants this for us because of the hard work, dedication and focus on business this year especially with the distractions caused by the Board in the last half of 2013. We are well aware that if we receive what ATD wants it is because of his generosity and philosophy of sharing. If we do not receive the extra bonuses and extra 5% it is ONLY because the Board does not believe that we deserve what our BOSS knows we deserve.

Every single one of us is very grateful to ATD for what we received on December 3, 2013 and we are grateful that he has fought for the stakeholders in this fight.  It is now up to our Board of directors to either give ATD what he has asked for or vote it down.  If indeed they vote it down our Board of directors will once again show that their goal, their only goal, is to increase the wealth of the shareholders at the expense of the hard working and dedicated associates that have built this company and nurture it every day of the week.  This is short sighted and in the end will be killing the goose that lays the golden egg.  Happy associates make for happy customers that makes for a profitable business, you don’t need an MBA to figure that out.

Guest Post from Bill Daly, Merchandiser, Store 37

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” English writer, Thomas Paine.

This quote was also used as a rallying cry by Mr. Lee Iacocca, the former Chairman of the Chrysler Corporation during the company’s revival in the 1980′s, to spur on his associates to once again propel Chrysler as a leader in the automotive industry, and I think that it is appropriate here.

I, like most of management began my career in the Market Basket family as a sacker. That was back in 1978, in the old DeMoulas Store #8 at Stadium Plaza. I left the company briefly after college, but was luckily accepted back as a full-timer in 1990. Thirty-two years and counting, and proud of it!

As a department manager, I like to lead by example, and am hoping that others in our company will follow in this public crusade to show the B.O.D. that we are a united group.
I didn’t want to ‘get out of the way’ on this one. Mr. Trainor and Mr. Gordon, thank you both for stepping up to show all of us how to come alive as one in this forum.

As has been mentioned by many of the posters before me, Arthur T. has lead our company on a tremendous growth curve since taking over as it’s leader. We all know that his father would be proud of all A.T. has accomplished along with the management team that took it’s cues from T.A. Demoulas as they grew in their careers. A.T.’s leadership is now being threatened/handcuffed by the actions of a B.O.D. that has very little working knowledge of the strong culture that has permeated this company, but his ability to lead has not gone away! Arthur T. should be allowed to continue to lead us as our CEO. We all need to let the B.O.D. know how we are as one on this point! We also need to let them know how important the Demoulas family/Market Basket is in the communities throughout the area, as a silent, benevolent partner.

Many of us have been touched by the generosity of the Demoulas family’s philanthropic endeavors either directly, through the Profit Sharing Program, and the Demoulas Scholarship Foundation, or indirectly via a church, school or community donation given silently, as the way the family insisted it be given. Those of us who reside in the Merrimack Valley have been especially blessed with the family’s generosity.

Recently, I visited a terminally ill friend at the Merrimack Valley Hospice House in Haverhill, Ma. While closing the door as I left the room, I glanced at the small plaque that was under the room number. It read, “This room donated by the Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Foundation”. I was very moved by this as I’m sure all of you reading this would’ve been. If the person in that room could’ve read it, I’m sure it would’ve bruoght tears to her eyes, as she was a Market Basket employee for the last few years of her life; a job that she truly loved, and everyone who came in contact with her could tell that right away.

In closing, I hope that my posting will encourage more associates to let the Board know how important the continued growth of the company and the strength of it’s leadership, is to all of our customers, employees and yes, even the ‘A’ Sharholders.

Bill Daly
Merchandiser, Store#37 Westford

Guest Post from Tim Shea, Produce Manager

There is something truly special about Market Basket. We are much more than just a grocery store… We are a community, in any town or city we are in, we are a staple, and apart from providing groceries at a fair price that a struggling family can afford, we also serve the towns and cities we are in.Continue Reading